Double X Double Y Soldering Robot

The top quality, stable performance, cost-effective Double X double Y soldering robo Supplied by the 9 years professional Chinese automatic machines designer and Manufacturer Shenzhen Dinghua Innovation Automation Co., Ltd.

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Product Details

1.Introduction of Double X double Y soldering robot

The double X double Y desktop soldering robot is operated via a controller and is used for fully automated and highly reliable processing of single or multi point soldering spots.

Axis control is achieved via a PC or server with an easy to use with teach pendant. All relevant data such as heating duration, temperature variations and wire length is configured by teach pendant.

The basic unit has 4 axes in the standard version. For optimal heat transfer an optional electrically driven soldering iron can be programmed to set travel and pressure parameters for specified soldering points.

Due to its modular design the double X double Y desktop soldering robot may be used as an independent soldering station or as an  integral part of a production line.

Consisting of:

  • Four linear axes and one rotational axis

  • Cleaning unit with rotating brushes

  • Protective enclosure

  • Soldering head with wire feeder incl. solder wire dispenser

  • Programming and control via teach pendant

  • Ready to accept a smoke suction system

  • Parts platform standard version or parts drawer (optional)

  • Automated adjustment for soldering tip (optional)


2.Parameters of Double X double Y soldering robot


3.Features of Double X double Y soldering robot

1. Desktop type, can be placed on the production line. 

2. Optional Full english marked machine body, to be international application. 

3. Double Y axis type, automatic working alternatively, saving the time of placing object. 

4. Perfect soldering program, with spot/line/circle soldering function.

5. Can set the length of the Tin, pre-heat time, soldering time, height of backward.etc parameter. 6. With auto cleaning soldering tip function.
7. Interface both English and Chinese available.
8. Fixture and tooling available. 


4.Details of Double X double Y soldering robot

1. Very easy to set the temperature according to the different solder, precisely Control the temperature during the whole soldering.


2. Auto tip clean, the interval and frequency can be set flexibly according to the Soldering products.


3. Press buttons of frequently used functions on the front of machine, for easy and Fast operation.


5.FAQ of Double X double Y soldering robot

1.Shipment: DHL/TT, By air, by sea (as custom require), shipping tracking.
2.Trainig customers at our factory after buying.
3.Training customers at their factory if required.
4.What kind of after sell service you can supply?
A4:One year warranty and life time maintain service.Normally, our machines are seldom with quality problems, but if you have some problems after use for long time, first send us pictures and videos, we have professional after sell service stuff to give you solutions.
Q5:Your product is good in our market, can we be your brand agent in our city?
A5:Well, we will see what kind of qualification you have, like sales channels, advertisement in market, and more details, and of course we give agent very competitive price and sales rebate.

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