5 Axis Soldering Robot

The top quality, stable performance, cost-effective 5 axis soldering robot Supplied by the 9 years professional Chinese automatic machines designer and Manufacturer Shenzhen Dinghua Innovation Automation Co., Ltd.

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1.Introduction of 5 axis soldering robot

1. The range of both 300x200x100 (X, Y, Z-axis) of operation can be secured by standard specification, and it can respond also to a work with a height difference. Moreover, working area size can be customized the range of operation by customer’s specification

2. AC servo motor was adopted as the drive motor, which realized to "Maintenance Free".

3. Each axis enables highly precise operation by ball screw use, and low-speed movement realizes 0.1 mm/s. 4. It leads to the stability of slide soldering, and also tact time shortening.

5. The controller, such as "Solder Wire Pre-heater" which is an effective option for lead-free soldering., can be built in to three sets at most.

6. Since a tool mechanism part and a controller part are separable, it can change easily the way to in-line and cell production.

7. A tool part can perform a straight line and circle interpolation, and can respond to various slide soldering and point soldering.

8. The controller attaches various functions, the programming files can be copied and exchanged from one machine to another machine.


2.Parameters of 5 axis soldering robot


3.Features of 5 axis soldering robot

1,Contains BASIC interpreter, simple programming, direct handle teaching, you can directly enter the welding point coordinates, but also teach welding position, can reproduce the welding position coordinates.

2,Using multi-axis robots and advanced motion control algorithms for linkage to simulate the action of human hand plus tin, effectively improving the positioning accuracy of the iron head.

3,The program has built-in multi-dimension soldering method, spot welding and drag welding. All process parameters can be set by the user. It can simulate various difficult and micro soldering processes of human hands.

4,With manual control of tin.

4.Details of 5 axis soldering robot

1. Teach pendant for easy debugging, operation and simple programming.


2. Very easy to set the temperature according to the different solder, precisely Control the temperature during the whole soldering.


3. Press buttons of frequently used functions on the front of machine, for easy and Fast operation.


5.FAQ of 5 axis soldering robot

Q1: Is Shenzhen Dinghua Automatic Innovation Co.,Ltd a factory or trade company?
A1: We are manufacture of different kinds of wire processing automatic equipment, and enjoy a great reputation in domestic and oversea market

Q2: Is ODM service available in Shenzhen Dinghua Automatic Innovation Co.,Ltd?
A2: Yes, of course, we have 11 technical staff with rich experience in this field, just tell us what you need.

Q3: Are your machines of good quality ? How to prove?
A3 :Good question, actually quality is life of all manufactures, we have CE & ISO-9001 certificates and welcome to visit our factory

Q4: I am not sure my products is workable with your machines, and i do not want to visit your factory now, what should i do ?
A4: Well, it is quite simple, just send me your products by express and tell us what kind of result you need, after we test your samples with our machines, we will take pictures of result or send it back to you for your confirmation.

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