Desktop USB Soldering Machine

The top quality, stable performance, cost-effective Desktop USB soldering machine Supplied by the 9 years professional Chinese automatic machines designer and Manufacturer Shenzhen Dinghua Innovation Automation Co., Ltd.

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1.Introduction of Desktop USB soldering machine 

1.Simple programming, can directly input the welding spot coordinates, can teach and reproduce the spot welding position coordinates. Just operate the teaching box simply, can guide the end of the movement to the welding position.

2.Multi-axis manipulator, all using precision stepper motor drive and advanced motion control algorithms, effectively improve the movement end (soldering iron tip) positioning accuracy and repeating accuracy.  

3.Flexible and diverse soldering ways, supporting spot welding and welding at the same time. All the process parameters can be set by the user, to adapt to the variety of difficult work and micro-soldering process.


2.Parameters of Desktop USB soldering machine


3.Features of Desktop USB soldering machine

1.multi-axis robot, all using precision stepper motor drive and advanced motion control algorithms, effectively raising campaign end (tip) of the positioning accuracy and repeatability (automatic homing no cumulative error), to achieve the 3D space arbitrary solder accurate location.
2.The machine adopts embedded industrial computer control, you can select a single point/single/circulation solder job
3.simple and convenient way of programming, you can directly enter coordinates joints can teach reproduce solder joint position coordinates. Teach programming is simple to operate, without mechanical preparation areas of expertise hand program so beginners can quickly master the operation essentials. Simple teach pendant can guide the movement of the end (tip) to reach any spot position in 3D space, the operator is no special technical and professional requirements, the realization of human editing operations.
4.Various of welding way, support spot welding and drag welding, all parameters is setted up by user,
meet high difficult welding and micro soldering requirements. All soldering parameters could be read and saved together with welding point coordinates, achieve flexible soldering
5.Welding set arbitrary angle & direction is available, R axis controlled welding set,could be rotated 360
degrees freely.Setting feeding times, pre-heating time, and welding time according to different pads and parts, achieve complex soldering with a variety of soldering points
6.Realizes real-time peripheral devices by 1/0 USB, has error alarm and high speed motion program functions. Intelligent main control program realizes automation and intelligence.

4.Details of Desktop USB soldering machine

1. Teach pendant for easy debugging, operation and simple programming.


2. Very easy to set the temperature according to the different solder, precisely Control the temperature during the whole soldering.


3. Press buttons of frequently used functions on the front of machine, for easy and Fast operation.



5.FAQ of Desktop USB soldering machine

1.How about the warranty?
All our products have one year quality warranty, during the warranty time, the spare parts replacement is free. And we provide life long time technical support and other assistance.
2.How to install your machine?
We have paper installation instructions and videos, we will teach till you learn it.
3. Which export port you use?
Any China port, commonly we will use Shanghai, Ningbo port, it can appoint as you like.

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