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The top quality, stable performance, cost-effective SMT automatic soldering machine Supplied by the 9 years professional Chinese automatic machines designer and Manufacturer Shenzhen Dinghua Innovation Automation Co., Ltd.

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1.Introduction of SMT automatic soldering machine

The soldering robots mainly replace manual welding processes and are ideal for electronic assembly and electronics
manufacturers to replace manual welding.

It can alleviate many substantive problems of large, medium and small-sized enterprises, such as shortage of manpower,
low production efficiency, high labor intensity, increased the cost of material consumption and increased difficulty in management.

It can improve the welding quality of the product. It is a tool for the company to reduce the number of employees, increase 
production efficiency, improve product quality and enhance the company's core competitiveness.
Operation theory
Run mode
By application of multi-axis drive manipulator and software control to achieve precise positioning of the soldering head.

Welding manner
Thermostatically heating by solder iron under high-frequency eddy current.

Working principle
Fix heating solder iron at the manipulator, move to the appointed welding coordinate, feed solder wire automatically at the head
of solder iron; solder wire welds under high temperature and come into the joint with the target.  


2.Parameters of SMT automatic soldering machine


3.Features of SMT automatic soldering machine

1. Desktop type, can be placed on the production line. 

2. Optional Full english marked machine body, to be international application. 

3. Double Y axis type, automatic working alternatively, saving the time of placing object. 

4. Perfect soldering program, with spot/line/circle soldering function.

5. Can set the length of the Tin, pre-heat time, soldering time, height of backward.etc parameter. 6. With auto cleaning soldering tip function.
7. Interface both English and Chinese available.
8. Fixture and tooling available. 


4.Details of SMT automatic soldering machine

1. Very easy to set the temperature according to the different solder, precisely Control the temperature during the whole soldering.


2. Auto tip clean, the interval and frequency can be set flexibly according to the Soldering products.


3. Press buttons of frequently used functions on the front of machine, for easy and

Fast operation.


5.FAQ of SMT automatic soldering machine

Q:How to choose suitable machine?
A:You can tell us your application, need forging, hardening, welding, melting or other, pass me workpiece material & size, Temperature requirement and heating time requirement. Then we will recommend fit machine for you reference.

Q.If I have paid but can not receive the goods, how should I do?
A:Alibaba international website is a famous trade platform and has been mature those years ,every supplier on it has paid large integrity fund,and we have Chinese business licenses which can be checked on China official website or we can show it to you,so thatsituation will never appear, please be assured.

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