SMD Automatic Soldering Machine

The top quality, stable performance, cost-effective SMD automatic soldering machine Supplied by the 9 years professional Chinese automatic machines designer and Manufacturer Shenzhen Dinghua Innovation Automation Co., Ltd.

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1.Introduction of SMD automatic soldering machine

Soldering Robot also be known as Automatic Soldering Machine, It is suitable for SMT soldering process in the posterior segment of temperature-sensitive electronic components soldering, and the soldering process for the heat-sensitive components which cannot be reflowed soldering . Our soldering robot have various soldering modes , soldering process , effectively improve the quality of soldering process .


1.angle soldering are available.

2.Position calibration, soldering dot array, parameter copy, automatic location and skip are available.

3.Teaching programming enables customers to implement all types of hand soldering upon their requirement.

4.Program calibration achieves work piece integral coordinate position compensation.

5.Program insertion and deletion make program revised easily and rapidly.

6.Intelligent control system achieves accurate delivery of solder, speed, time, temperature and quantity of solder can be adjusted and controlled accurately


2.Parameters of SMD automatic soldering machine



3.Features of SMD automatic soldering machine

Cost saving: High-efficiency operation is achieved by only one person. One person's efficiency amounts to 3-5 persons' efficiency

Good quality: Good soldering uniformity achieved high yield

High efficiency: Multiple soldering tips work together at the same time to achieve high efficiency 

More simple: One worker can operate 2-3 robots. What this worker does is only pick and place fixture

Customization: Robot is strictly customized based on customers' requirements on products and soldering production, in line with requirements of production lines

Good image: Intelligent automatic equipment presents a new appearance of production line in factories, which helps enterprises establish a image of high technology


4.Details of SMD automatic soldering machine

1. Very easy to set the temperature according to the different solder, precisely Control the temperature during the whole soldering.


2. RTC+TM, fast temperature heating and cool, efficient and no damage to product.


3. Auto tip clean, the time and frequency can be set flexibly.


5.FAQ of SMD automatic soldering machine

1. Why choose Dinghua?
QUALITY IS OUR CULETURE. Dinghau put this ideal into every lines and circuit.
Dinghua is specialized in researching and manufacturing of BGA rework stations and automatic equipments. Our company was established in 2011 and is privately held.

2. How many years it can work?
Machine life 10 years, when the correct maintenance can meet the needs of equipment life will be longer.
3. How many days we got the machine?
Usually within 10-15 days after receiving your 100% payment.

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