Laser Postion Touch Screen SMD Rework Machine

Support packages of uBGA, BGA, CSP, QFP devices.
Handle PCB thickness from 0.5 to 4 mm.
Handle PCB Size 350 x 400mm.
Controllable hot air and infra-red reflow heating methods. Movement accuracy of 0.02mm.

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Laser Postion Touch Screen SMD Rework Machine


1. Product Features of Laser Postion Touch Screen SMD Rework Machine

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1. independent of the upper and lower air temperature, can store 100 thousands Temperature settings.

2. constant uniform cooling fan, PCB will not be deformed.

3. over-temperature protection, over temperature, the heater will automatically power off.

4. can be used in leaded and lead-free mature welding, we provide 100 thousand sets of commonly used reference curve.

5. the mechanical part of the oxidation treatment, thicker material, the maximum to prevent mechanical deformation.

6. the upper heating part of the continuation of high-end products of X, Y-axis movable design, do all kinds of special plates is more convenient to do a variety of lead products can be used as a two-temperature zone.

7. three temperature zones can be independently controlled to achieve plant, drying function.

8. Temperature control: K-type closed-loop thermocouple. top and bottom heating independently, temperature error ¡À3. Positioning: V-groove fixture for PCB positioning.

2.Specification of Laser Postion Touch Screen SMD Rework Machine

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3.Details of Laser Postion Touch Screen SMD Rework Machine

1.HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared );

3. Vacuum pen; 

4.Led headlamp.

4.Why Choose Our Laser Postion Touch Screen SMD Rework Machine? 

5.Certificate of Laser Postion Touch Screen SMD Rework Machine

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6.Packing & Shipment of Laser Postion Touch Screen SMD Rework Machine

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8.Related knowledge

Methods and Techniques to Improve the Yield of Hand-welded BGA Rework

The BGA rework industry is an industry that requires very high operational capability. BGA chip rework usually has two ways, namely BGA rework station and manual hot air gun welding. General factory or repair shop will choose BGA rework station, because the welding success rate is high and the operation is simple, there is basically no requirement for the operator, one-button operation, suitable for batch repair. The second type of manual welding and manual welding has relatively high technical requirements, especially for large BGA chips. How can manual soldering improve the yield of bga rework?

Improve the manual welding BGA return repair rate method.

It is really good to be able to weld BGA by hand because more and more BGA-packaged chips are now available. Many people are still more afraid of hand soldering bga, mainly because this kind of packaged chip is very expensive. In fact, only many attempts can be successful. Say a few things to note: After removing the BGA mastermind, be sure to make up tin, because after demolition some of the de-tin, the main control and the motherboard must make up, you can put the tin paste to get a dragging iron, so as to ensure good contact When blowing, the temperature should not be too high or 280. The air gun should not be too close to the tin plate. If you want to shake the moving air gun, the tin spot will not run around. The tin spot on the first tin planting is not necessarily very Uniform, can be scraped with surgery, there is uneven place to fill the tin and then blow; planted BGA can be marked on the BGA flux, take the wind gun blow evenly so that the BGA master on the solder joint evenly; BGA planted on the motherboard when To play more flux, this one can reduce the melting point, and allows the BGA to follow the flux and the tin point on the motherboard to connect well, feel after the blowing can use the tweezers gently point BGA edge left and right to ensure good contact. This method can be used for small BGA chips, but for large chips such as Northbridge, the success rate is much lower. The large BGA chip for desoldering is recommended to use the Dinghua BGA rework station, which can improve the BGA rework repair yield.

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