Infrared Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

Rework Station is the system that it is for soldering and de-soldering to the unit parts on the board. The unit parts will be very small area on the board normally, Therefore, the board will be heated in a only small area. In this case, the board may warp with heat and adjoining parts may receive a damage with heat.

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Infrared Touch Screen SMD Rework Station 


1. Product Features of infrared touch screen smd rework station

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1. Air flow and temperature is adjustable in a wide range to form high temperature breeze.

2. The movable heating head is easy to operate, hot air head and mounting head are manually controlled, pcb sliding rack is micro-adjustable with x. And. Y axis.

3. Touch screen interface, plc control, able to display temperature curves and two detecting curves at the same time.

4. Two independent heating areas , temperature and time are digital displayed.

5. The supports for the bga soldering supporting frame are micro-adjustable to restrain local sinkage in the soldering area.

2.Specification of infrared touch screen smd rework station

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3.Details of infrared touch screen smd rework station

HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared );

3. Vacuum pen;

4.Led headlamp.

4.Why Choose Our infrared touch screen smd rework station? 

5.Certificate of infrared touch screen smd rework station

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6.Packing & Shipment of infrared touch screen smd rework station

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8.Related knowledge

Precaution of BGA rework

1. Preheat definition: Preheating heats the entire assembly below the melting point of the solder and the reflow temperature.

Advantages of preheating: Activate the flux, remove the oxides and surface films of the metal to be welded and the volatiles of the flux itself, enhance the wetting effect, reduce the temperature difference between the upper and lower PCB, prevent heat damage, remove moisture, and prevent the popcorn phenomenon , reduce temperature difference.

Preheating method: Place the PCB in the incubator for 8 to 20 hours at a temperature of 80 to 100°C (depending on the PCB size).

2. "Popcorn": refers to the presence of moisture in an integrated circuit or SMD device during the welding process quickly heated, so that moisture expansion, the phenomenon of micro-cracking.

3. Thermal damage includes: pad lead warping; substrate delamination, white spots, blistering or discoloration. Intrinsic warping of the substrate and degradation of its circuit elements are caused by "invisibility" problems, due to different expansion coefficients of different materials.

4. Three methods for PCB preheating in placement or rework:

Oven: BGA's internal moisture can be baked to prevent popcorn and other phenomena

Hot plate: This method is not adopted because the residual heat in the hot plate obstructs the cooling rate of the solder joint, leads to the precipitation of lead, forms a lead pool, and reduces the strength of the solder joint.

Hot air trough: Regardless of the shape and bottom structure of the PCB assembly, the hot wind energy can directly enter all corners and cracks of the PCB assembly, so that the PCB can be heated evenly, and the heating time can be shortened.

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