Hot Air Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

DH-B2 makes mounting and removal of through-hole and surface mount components easier than routine benchtop methods" and "minimizes thermal stresses due to temperature differentials during assembly and rework" and "enables the mounting of Ball Grid Arrays and other hidden pin packages on site.

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Product Details

Hot Air Touch Screen SMD Rework Station 


1. Product Features of Hot Air Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

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1.The first and second temperature zone can be set 8 segment (up/ down) temperatre profiles and 8 constant temperature profile. And the bga rework station can save 10 thousand  different temperature profiles tolal.

2.The third one is preheating zone to ensure the the PCB get full heat during reworking process.

3.DH-B2 BGA Rework Station can be connected to computer with built-in PC RSS serial port and comes with the software CD

4.The temperature profiles for top and bottom heating are going independently when the DH-B2 BGA Rework Station is in working , and the cross-flow fan can help to cool the PCBA rapidly to protect the deformation of PCBA happen.

2.Specification of Hot Air Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

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3.Details of Hot Air Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

1.HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared );

3. Vacuum pen; 

4.Led headlamp.

4.Why Choose Our Hot Air Touch Screen SMD Rework Station? 

5.Certificate of Hot Air Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

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6.Packing & Shipment of Hot Air Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

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8.Related knowledge

Precaution of using stencil

1. the cleanliness of steel net

Why wash stencils?

Guarantee solder paste printing

Keep stencils well stripped

Reduce print bridging

Avoid tipping, collapse, and other misprints

Be careful:

1. To keep the stencil clean, ensure that the stencil is protected against dust.

2. The stencil should be cleaned immediately after use to avoid the residual solder paste curing and difficult to remove.

3. The stencils shall be placed on a dedicated shelf and placed vertically. The plates and plates shall be isolated from each other (may be filmed), and stacking and contact with each other shall be prohibited. For stencils that are waiting to be cleaned, they must not be placed randomly to avoid accidental damage.

2. When the following abnormalities occur, the newly prepared stencil must be replaced and the old stencil cleaned.

1. The already opened solder paste barrel exceeds the valid period of use;

2. The stencil has been used for 8 hours;

3. Steel mesh plugging (batch production defects "incomplete solder paste printing");

3. steel net cleaning method

1. Online: Automatically wipe every 5 pieces;

2. Off-line type: hand-wiping, manual cleaning with alcohol under light;

3. Offline: ultrasonic cleaning equipment;

4. tension test of steel net

1. The stencil must be tested for tension after each off-line cleaning;

2. Measure at least five points of tension (four corners + center points);

3 tension is generally greater than 30N; of stencils

1. The service life of stencils should be specified and monitored in an effective manner. Stencils that exceed the service life should be scrapped. It is forbidden to use stencils for extended use. (usually 100,000 times)

2. Each stencil should be numbered and clearly specify the products that can be used per stencil.

3. Each stencil should always be guaranteed to have spare parts so that it can be replaced promptly when an abnormal situation occurs.


6.the impact of steel mesh on solder paste printing

The thickness of the stencil and the opening size of the steel mesh determine the amount of solder paste to be printed. Excessive solder paste will cause bridging. Too little solder paste will result in insufficient solder or inadvertent solder. The shape of the opening of the steel mesh and the smoothness of the wall of the steel mesh also affect the quality of the stripping of the solder paste.

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