3 Heating Zones Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of BGA Hot Air and infrared Rework Stations. We bring precisely engineered and high quality soldering station with digital temperature control. These products are available with digital indicators and we offer these products in varied specifications in terms of sizes, capacities and diameters.

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Product Details

3 Heating Zones Touch Screen SMD Rework Station


1. Product Features of 3 Heating Zones Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

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1. Adopt infrared weld technology which independent exploration.      

2. Use hot air heat, it is easy to cut through heat proportion piercing tradition weld machine with sirocco.     

3. Easily operate. Just need half an hour training. Can operation this machine.     

4. No need weld tools, it can weld all the component of 2x2-80x80mm.     

5. This machine has 650W heating system. widely to 80x120mm.     

6. Hot air nozzle is with reflow vent. Don't impact perimeter small component. Can suitable for all of the component, especially Micro BGA component.

2.Specification of 3 Heating Zones Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

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3.Details of 3 Heating Zones Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

1.HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared );

3. Vacuum pen;

4.Led headlamp.

4.Why Choose Our 3 Heating Zones Touch Screen SMD Rework Station? 

5.Certificate of 3 Heating Zones Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

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6.Packing & Shipment of 3 Heating Zones Touch Screen SMD Rework Station

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8.Related knowledge

What are the precautions for the SMT patch process?

1. Storage temperature: It is recommended that the storage temperature in the refrigerator be 5°C-10°C, do not fall below 0°C.

2. Outbound principle: You must follow the principle of first-in, first-out, and do not cause solder paste to store in the freezer for too long.

3. Thawing requirements: Naturally thaw for at least 4 hours after removing the solder paste from the freezer. Do not open the cap when thawing.

4. Production environment: It is recommended that the shop temperature be 25±2°C and the relative humidity should be 45%-65%RH.

5. Used Paste: After opening the lid, it is recommended to use it within 12 hours. If it needs to be stored, please use a clean, empty bottle, then seal it and put it back in the freezer.

6. The amount of paste placed on the steel net: The amount of solder paste placed on the steel wire for the first time should not exceed 1/2 of the height of the scraper when printing and rolling.

Second, SMT chip processing process printing jobs need to pay attention to:

1. Scraper: The scraper material is preferably a steel scraper, which is conducive to the formation and stripping of the solder paste printed on the PAD.

Squeegee angle: Manual printing is 45-60 degrees; machine printing is 60 degrees.

Printing speed: Manual 30-45mm/min; printing machine 40mm-80mm/min.

Printing environment: Temperature is 23±3°C and relative humidity is 45%-65%RH.

2. Steel mesh: Steel mesh openings According to the requirements of the product, choose the thickness of the steel mesh and the shape and ratio of the opening.

QFP\CHIP: CHIPs with center pitches of less than 0.5mm and 0402 need to be laser cut.

Test steel mesh: The tension test of the steel mesh is performed once a week, and the tension value is required to be 35N/cm or more.

Clean the stencil: When printing 5-10 pcs of PCBs in a row, clean it with a clean wiper. It is best not to use rags.

3. Cleaner: IPA solvent: IPA and alcohol solvent are best to use when cleaning stencils. It is not possible to use chlorine-containing solvents because the composition of the paste will be destroyed and the overall quality will be affected.

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