CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station

CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station

Dinghua DH-G730 Automatic BGA rework station with optical alignment system, which is specially for mobile motherboard. It has very high successful rate of repairing chips on motherboards. It's very easy and convenient to use. You don't need to have special skills and can learn to use in 10 minutes.

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Product Details

CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station



1.Application of CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station

Especially suitable for repairing mobile phone motherboard and small motherboard. Suitable for different kind of chips: BGA,PGA,POP,BQFP,QFN,SOT223,PLCC,TQFP,TDFN,TSOP, PBGA,CPGA,LED chip.

2.Product Features of CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station

Reflow Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

• Widely used in Chip Level Repairing in mobile phone, small control boards or tiny motherboards etc.

• Desoldering, mounting and soldering automatically.

• HD CCD Optical Alignment system for precisely mounting BGA and Components

• Movable universal fixture prevent pcb from damaged on fringe component, suitable for all kinds of pcb repairing.

• High power LED light to ensure brightness for working, and different size of magnet nozzles, titanium alloy material, easy replace and install, never deformation and rusty.


3.Specification of CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station

chipset reflow machine

4.Details of CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station

chipset reflow stationchipset reflow equipment

5.Why Choose Our CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station? 

chipset reflow toolmotherboard reball station

6.Certificate of CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station

motherboard reball machine

7.Packing & Shipment of CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station

Packing Lisk

8. Shipment of CCD Camera BGA Reballing Rework Station

We ship the machine via DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX, which is fast and safe.  If you prefer other terms of shipment, please feel free to tell us.

9. Payment terms.

Bank transfer, Western Union, Credit card. 

We will send the machine with 5-10 business after receiving payment.

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Electronic component moisture improvement method

For the moisture sensitive component to be effectively dried and dehumidified, it can be used in two ways, such as baking or normal temperature and normal pressure drying oven and drying equipment.

   First, the way to bake and dehumidify:

    Baking is more complicated, different moisture sensitivity levels and package thickness, different baking time and temperature requirements, and it should be noted that baking temperature and time may cause pin oxidation or excessive metal growth (intermetallic) Growth), thus reducing the solderability of the leads and accelerating the aging of the components, which in turn increases the unreliability and other extension problems of the finished product and the semi-finished product.

    Second, the normal temperature and pressure of the drying oven, drying equipment dehumidification method:

    For objects with moisture sensitivity levels of Level 2a and Level 3, there is no limit to the shop life that can be used for components that can be stored in storage environments below 10% RH after vacuum packaging is removed.

    For objects with a moisture sensitivity level of Level 4 to Level 5a, there is no limit to the shop life that can be used if the package can be stored in a storage environment below 5% RH.

    In addition, according to the industry experience, the reference data indicates that the unpacked object is placed in a normal temperature drying oven and drying equipment with humidity control below 5% RH, and the dehumidification storage and storage time is 5 times of the unsealing exposure time. Restore the original component shop life.

     Using high-precision Dr. Storage ultra-low-humidity cutting-edge technology, the yellow static temperature and humidity warning kanban is used to monitor and control the temperature and humidity of the production site, and reduce the influence and damage of electronic components received by high humidity during the production process. However, the electronic components in the process are stored in a high-strength industrial grade ultra-low-humidity electronic drying cabinet to assist in achieving absolute dryness, and the humidity value is read by a computer connection to monitor the humidity condition at any time. To solve the problem of empty soldering and oxidation caused by the adhesion of BGA/IC/LED/CCD/QFP/SOP/LCD/PDP/Silicon wafer/Ceramics/CSP/Crystal resonator in the SMT/package test/PCB/LED industry. And put a variety of bad rate problems such as rupture.

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