4 Axis Screw Locking Machine

The top quality, stable performance, cost-effective 4 axis screw locking machine Supplied by the 9 years professional Chinese automatic machines designer and Manufacturer Shenzhen Dinghua Innovation Automation Co., Ltd.

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Product Details

1.Introduction of 4 axis screw locking machine


1. Application: suitable for all kinds of consumer electronic products such as mobile phone, screw locking, wireless telephone, calculatornavigation, audio, camera, notebook computer, tablet computer, learning machine, small household electrical appliances etc.


2. Function; intelligent detection function, can detect the leakage lock, lock strip floating, etc.. Flexibility, standard universal fixture for variety of machine screw lock.


3. Versatility, replace screw conveyor module can adapt the M1.0-M6.0 screw lock. Equipment compact, can be put into the production line, and the standard of discharge after taking function.


2.Parameters of 4 axis screw locking machine

3.Features of 4 axis screw locking machine

1.The stepper motor drive and the advanced motion control algorithm for the five-axis effectively improve the positioning accuracy and repeat precision. 
2.Smart detection function: when a screw is missing or the screw does not fill in place, the machine will give an alarm. 
3.It guarantees the high precision of screw fastening which cannot be achieved by the traditional manual screw fastening. Besides, it improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost. 
4.Suitable for most of the screws, especially the stainless steel screws. 
5.It is easy to learn the operation. One operator can operate several machines at the same time. 
6.The rail of the screw feeder is adjustable. (Applicable screws: M1.0 – M6.0)


It is suitable for all kinds of screw fastening process on mobile phones, keyboards, monitors, car accessories, toys, small home electrical appliances, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, LCD screen, electronic components (such as relays, speakers), etc. 


4.Details of 4 axis screw locking machine

1. Teach pendant for easy debugging, operation and simple programming.


2. Hios/Kilew screwdriver, easy to change, convenient adjustment and high quality to ensure screwing accuracy.


3. Suction feeder, high efficiency and low fault.



5.FAQ of 4 axis screw locking machine

1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer who have been engaged in this machine for over 20 years.

2.What's your MOQ?
Any quantity is OK. We have no requirements for this.

3.How about warranty?
All our machines have one year warranty.

4.How to install your machine?
There is a manual with the machine. Please follow the instructions in the manual.

5.Which port do you use?
Normally we use Shenzhen port. But we can use other ports as you appoint.

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