5 Axis Screw Fastening Machine

The top quality, stable performance, cost-effective automatic screw fastening machine Supplied by the 9 years professional Chinese automatic machines designer and Manufacturer Shenzhen Dinghua Innovation Automation Co., Ltd.

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1.Introduction of automatic screw fastening machine

1.Intelligent detection function can detect leakage lock, floating locks, slip teeth, etc.
2.Flexible, universal fixtures suitable for a variety of standard models of the screw lock pay.
3.Versatility, replace the screw conveyor modules can be adapted to M1.0 ~ M4 screw lock pay.
4.Easy to put into the production line, the first to take place after the standard functions.
5.Unmanned operation, reduce labor intensity, the traditional manual placement and alignment of the screw head of the screw would take a lot of work time and effort.

6.Dual Y axis design, alternating job, no place to take time to achieve maximum production efficiency


2.Parameters of automatic screw fastening machine

3. Features of automatic screw fastening machine

1.Strong commonality. Can cooperate with production line operation, convenient replacement products.

2.High efficient;1 pc electric screwdriver working can replace two workers.

3.Use this machine can largely reduce the labor working intensity. traditional hand locking screws need hand grasp screws save lots of time and effort improve the efficiency of assembly.
4.Torque is accurate. Easy to adjust, to ensure the quality of locking.
5.high degree of automation. Simple operation, staff speed control operation and debugging. A worker can manage several machines at the same time. Save manpower.

6.Single-head dual-platform design,1 set is equivalent to 2sets,double the efficiency of locking.
7.Screw feeder with the latest turntable structure, low noise, high reliability to send screws.

8.Standard universal fixture for a variety of models of screw to locking.

4.Details of automatic screw fastening machine

1. Teach pendant for easy debugging, operation and simple programming.


2. Hios/Kilew screwdriver, easy to change, convenient adjustment and high quality to ensure screwing accuracy.


3. Suction feeder, high efficiency and low fault.


5.FAQ of automatic screw fastening machine

1): What's the way of shipping?
Answer: These are all heavy machines; we suggest you use cargo ship. But components for mending the machines, air transportation would be fine.

2): How is the training?
After buying our machines, your engineers can go to our company or our engineers go to your factory if require, and we will train them how to use these machines.

3): Is it hard to use these machines?
Answer: No, not hard at all. For our previous clients, at most 2 days is enough to learn to operate the machines.

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