The Purchase Of Welding Machine
- Jul 03, 2018 -

The use of electric welding machine is very wide. Whether it is a large shipbuilding enterprise, industrial and mining enterprises and a variety of construction enterprises welding machine is an indispensable tool. Welder is used for material welding, in use is charged, in particular, some small construction units to save costs to buy cheap welding machine, in the construction site under the harsh environment can easily cause electric shock, fire, off welding phenomenon occurs, will endanger personal safety and property security.

Because welding quality is bad also can cause "tofu slag" project.

In the purchase of electric welding machine to pay attention to a few requirements: First, in the purchase of welding machine products, to the formal production enterprises or large shopping malls to buy, and to buy a higher market share of brand brandname.

Do not covet cheap to small shops to buy, where the quality of the welding machine can not meet the guarantee.

Second, the purchase, check the product nameplate is the name of the manufacturer, production address, specification model, welding current adjustment range, load duration and input voltage and current content, and then according to the needs of the work to determine their own to buy the welding machine. Third, the purchase can require dealers to provide product quality inspection reports or certificates. Because the welding machine product is the national compulsory attestation product, therefore must confirm the purchase when the product passes "3C" the attestation.

You can also search the Internet. The purchase must check whether the product has grounding screws, grounding screw connection should be no paint grounding good.

Whether the movement is clean insulation is damaged, to ensure the use of safety, if necessary, can also be detected.

Five, before purchase can power check the panel on the operation of the switch, conversion and installation, Power led on the bright, fan is normal, the power supply part whether there is abnormal vibration and beep, whether there is a smell, the appearance of discoloration and other heating phenomenon, to ensure the quality of welding machine, give full play to the performance of the welding machine.

Six, if you want to buy gas shielded welding machine, before the purchase also check the accessories are complete, wire feeder whether there is grease, rotation is smooth, connect the cable whether the external insulation is damaged to ensure the stability of the arc.

Flash welding Machine

Welding Transformer has its own characteristics, is a sharp decline in voltage characteristics.

The harm of light of flash welding machine to human body and its prevention Welding operation, will produce harmful to the human body welding arc. Welding arc mainly includes infrared ray, visible light line and ultraviolet rays. These all belong to the hotline spectrum. When the welding arc temperature is 3,000 ℃, its radiation wavelength is less than 290mμm, and the radiation wavelength is less than 230mμm when the temperature is 3,200 ℃.

When the light radiation effect on the human body, body tissue will be absorbed, causing tissue heat, photochemical action or ionization, resulting in acute or chronic human tissue injury. Infrared radiation on the human body is mainly caused by the thermal effect of the tissue. In the welding process, the eye is exposed to intense infrared radiation, will immediately feel a strong burn and burning, the occurrence of flash hallucinations.

Prolonged exposure may result in infra-red cataracts, impaired eyesight, and can lead to blindness when severe.

Visible light than the naked eye normal to withstand the luminosity of about 10,000 times times, when the visible light radiation people's eyes, will produce pain, see things, usually called "dazzling", in a short period of time to lose the ability to work. The harm of ultraviolet rays to human body is mainly photochemical action, which causes damage to human skin and eyes. Skin after intense ultraviolet radiation, can cause dermatitis, diffuse erythema, sometimes small blisters, exudate, there is burning sensation, itching; when the effect is strong with systemic symptoms: headache, dizziness, easy fatigue, nerve excitement, fever, insomnia and so on. Ultraviolet rays of excessive exposure to human eyes, can cause eye acute cornea and conjunctivitis, that is, electro-optic eye inflammation.

Most of the 4-12 days after the onset of disease, its symptoms are two eyes high shame, tears, foreign body sensation, tingling, eyelid swelling, spasm, and accompanied by headaches and blurred vision. In order to prevent welding arc to harm the human body, welding work in the welding must be on the surface formation, large reflection coefficient of overalls, wear gloves, shoes cover, do not allow welders to roll up cuffs or wear short sleeve clothes, open collar engaged in welding work. Wear the work pants to ensure that when the length of squat, to avoid the bare feet and the arc burns. Must use a specially designed filter lens mask, filter lenses must be the national Fixed-point factory production of qualified products, can not be free to use the general ink-ray Mirror. In order to protect the eyes of other workers in the welding area from injury, the welding site should be surrounded by barriers, the area of the barrier, welding workers should always remind other staff to avoid, conditional units can give welding area of other staff to be equipped with protective glasses, lest arc injury eyes. ...

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