The Principle Of Welding Machine
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Is to make use of the high temperature arc generated by the positive and negative poles in an instantaneous short circuit to melt the solder and the welded materials on the welding electrodes to achieve the purpose of combining them. Welding machine structure is very simple, plainly is a high-power transformer, will 220/380v alternating current into low-voltage, high-current power supply, can be DC can also be exchanged.

Welding Transformer has its own characteristics, is a sharp decline in voltage characteristics. After the welding rod ignition voltage drops, in the welding machine operating voltage adjustment, in addition to a 220/380v voltage conversion, two times the coil has tapped the switching voltage, but also the use of iron core to regulate, adjustable iron core welding machine is generally a high-power transformer, the system is made of the principle of inductance,

Inductance in the connection and disconnect will produce a huge voltage change, using the positive and negative polarity in an instantaneous short circuit generated by high-voltage arc to melt the solder on the welding bar. To achieve the purpose of combining them. The voltage is applied between the electrode and the workpiece, and the energy of the arc is melted and the heating base material is fused by dicing or contacting the ignition arc.

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