Semi-auto Optical Bga Rework Station Promotion
- Sep 04, 2018 -

We are pleased to announce that , our hot selling products DH-A2E, DH-A2,DH-5860,DH-G730 BGA rework stations are on promotion within September 2018.

DH- A2E with automatic feeding system, high definition CDD camera with solity quality , attractive prices get highly praised from customers.

Agents like A2E automatic optical  BGA rework station will also choose A2 to introduce into their market , easy opperation get much thumbs from customers. A2E updated from A2.

DH-G730 is a very cost-effective automatic optical BGA rework station ,specaizlied in repairing  all kinds of cell phones' chips.

DH-5830 Touch screen BGA rework station is a well-known style BGA rework station. but Dinghua Price will be more attractive with solid quality .

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