Classification Of Welding Machines
- Jul 03, 2018 -

1, industrial and mining enterprises are mainly used in welding machines: AC arc welder, DC welding machine, Argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welder, welding machine, spot welder, submerged arc welder, high-frequency weld machine, flash butt welder, pressure welder, welding machine laser welder. The main difference between the AC welder and the DC welder is that the AC welder is generally used in the steel structure manufacturing unit or general general machinery or agricultural machine manufacturing unit.

DC is mainly used in the manufacture of pressure vessel boilers, pipelines, or important structural manufacturing units of welding welder.

The main application fields of 

⑴ inverter welding machine are the same, but the welder is more energy-saving and lightweight.

⑵ Submerged arc welding machine is the main application of large steel structure manufacturing units, pressure vessel boiler manufacturing units.

The main application fields of

⑶ gas shielded welding machine large steel structure manufacturing units or general machinery agricultural machinery, automobile factory, anti-theft door processing plant, manufacturing pressure vessel boiler units are also widely used in gas shielded welding machine.

⑷ Argon arc welding machine is mainly used in piping, pressure vessel boilers, stainless steel processing enterprises. 

⑸ AC Argon arc welding machine mainly used in aluminum welding manufacturing units, aluminum container manufacturing units.

Aluminum Heating radiator welding. 

2, DC welding machine has two kinds: a kind of AC motor based on the installation of rectifier components, there is a DC generator. DC Welding Machine mainly non-ferrous metals, pig iron mainly.

AC welding machine mainly welded steel plate. 

3, Argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welder, high-frequency welding machine, flash butt welder. Argon arc Welder, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine can be welded mainly under 2MM of sheet metal and non-ferrous metal layer.

Flash butt welding machine is mainly connected to copper and aluminum joints and other objects, high-frequency welding machine main pipe factory welded pipe.

4, submerged arc welding main welded steel structure, bridge H steel, working word room girder, such as thick steel material.

5, Gas shielded welder: Argon arc welding, carbon dioxide protection welding, under the protection of gas welding machine will not be oxidized, strong melting, weldable non-ferrous gold layer, can be welded thin materials.

6, Laser welding machine: weldable transistor inside the lead. 7, Butt welding machine: Cable chain factory main welding anchor on the cable and other objects. Can butt steel and so on.

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