What are the advantages of soldering machine
- Jul 03, 2018 -

1, low energy consumption: fully automatic soldering machine required energy and a general manual solder machine appropriate, high power: The typical welding speed to surpass the traditional manual soldering machine several times. 

2, prevent solder damage: solder in the welding of the main damage factor is lead smoke, if not to prevent inhalation of human body, will bring a lot of damage to workers.

Automatic solder machine with some solder smoke purifier can be useful to absorb lead smoke, prevent workers from being damaged. 

3, to ensure product quality: automatic solder machine Each step of the parameters are controlled by the PLC, solder the whole process in control, to ensure the quality of the product, will not present a virtual welding, false welding and other phenomena.

Automatic soldering machine operation is stable, sustainable operation, the output value of welding products fixed, to ensure the completion of the order within the specified time.

4, saving material costs: Now the price of raw materials continue to rise, the profit space is constantly cut, professional competition between the automatic solder machine relative to the artificial solder can be useful to save the solder resources, saving resource costs.

5, the end of clutter solder: automatic solder machine has tow welding, spot welding, crossing, automatic cleaning and many other functions, can complete a lot of manual unable to complete the highly difficult and messy solder operations. 

6, on the welding metal surface requirements, oxidation or electroplating can be welded.

Short welding time, no flux, gas, solder 

7,Good conductivity after welding, very low resistance coefficient or near zero.

After micro-computer control manipulator, can do spot welding, drag welding, welding round, welding straight line, welding irregular shape, automatic cleaning and other manual difficult to do the process.

8, Save labor Costs: Automatic soldering machine easy to learn, workers do not need long-term training to be able to start, useful to prevent the staff flow to the company's losses.

9, High reliability: Fully automatic solder machine is adjustable digital time, pressure, power, temperature, arc and high-precision CCD video capture, to ensure that each solder point and arc to reach the most ideal welding role.

10, Automation: small scale, less maintenance operations, adaptability, so that automatic solder machine to become led automatic packaging production line of choice. 

11, intelligent control, input solder program automatic implementation of the required solder action, and then demonstrated the high degree of automation equipment, and the completion of intelligent, controllable high advantages.

Welding without spark, environmental safety. 

12, the Machine life: automatic soldering machine is the selection of high-quality imported accessories and finishing parts, with excellent wear resistance, easy to install, high precision welding, useful to postpone the lifetime of the machine.

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