Top ranking BGA station manufacturer in China
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Dinghua Technology is the top ranking BGA rework stations , Automatic soldering robot , automatic screw locking machine, automatic dispensering machine manufacturer in China.


We offer BGA rework stations from lower level to high end , all the machines are strictly quality controlled. Production process can be traced back to persons. Every staff is responsible for his/her own production steps.


All our machines are easy operation and high performance. From machine to accessories all can be customized .we already have many customers from  Korea ,India, USA, Brazil,France,Netherlands etc.

Dinghua BGA rework stations can handle no matter it is in your R&D or engineering department , or all kinds of  repair centers .


Dinghua BGA rework stations are capable of a wide range of board including BGA,CSP,QFN,Flip,Chips, POP(Package on Package), Micro-SMD. LED soldering or repair.


Welcome to visit our factory! Customers satisfaction is our best honor.

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