The difference between the laser automatic solder machine and the automatic solder robot solder
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Laser solder and robot soldering iron solder process is divided into preheating, for the provision of solder heating and solder after the molding after the 3 basic steps of heating. Although the robot soldering iron solder and the basic process of laser solder is the same, but provide heating solder method is different.

Let's look at the difference: robot soldering iron solder process Soldering iron Solder is first preheat soldering iron, soldering iron to 350 ℃ or so. 

When the soldering iron preheating, the solder joints will be heated to the melting temperature (heat transfer), and then into the need to weld the solder wire, to provide welding, solder wire into the melting of the solder wire, so that the solder wire melting molding, the operation is over.

Laser soldering process Laser solder in the welding time, cast away the traditional soldering iron style, the first laser to the welding site irradiation, so that the exposure of the site began to heat up. When the irradiated parts are heated to the solder wire to be melted, feed the required solder wire and provide solder. melted, molded.

Complete the welding process. The soldering of the iron and the heating of the two methods are different, but they often complement each other at work. Because the robot soldering iron solder is through the iron heat transfer, laser solder is the irradiation site fever. So when the robot soldering iron solder when the tip of the temperature is not enough, you can use fixed-point laser to make the temperature rise. 

Of course, because the continuous irradiation may make the iron tip of the temperature is too high, so pay attention to the intensity and timing of the adjustment.

Welding temperature Regulation During welding, temperature is critical. The composition of the solder due to the rise or fall of the temperature conditions change, low temperature, welding is not complete, set the solder wire will not melt, and the temperature is too high, it is possible to weld overheating, burning the machine. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the strength and reliability of welding without the proper temperature condition. Moreover, when the temperature is not appropriate, flux will also change the direction of flow due to temperature, when the appropriate temperature heating, flux first flow to the welding site, and remove the surrounding oxides and dirt, so that solder better bonding. If heated too much, the solder will stop the flow of the flux that flows in first. 

Again, excessive heating will damage the substrate, causing the internal cracks in the substrate can not be judged by the naked eye many problems.

Laser Solder Features

1. No contact, spot energy concentration, heat affected area is small, will not cause a burden on the substrate.

2. Effective heating and provide solder, is expected to achieve stable welding automation.

3. Long life of laser, low power consumption and low maintenance cost.

4. No tip loss.

5. Can complete the iron tip, can not enter the narrow position and dense assembly of welding. 6. maintainability is very high.

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