Structure and introduction of automatic lock screw machine
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Automatic lock screw machine contains automatic screw unit, automatic screw conveyor unit and screw automatic tightening unit, as well as detection unit in lock-payment process. Screw automatic whole column unit is mainly the bulk of the screws are neatly arranged and a single output. The whole row unit can be realized by vibrating disc sorting mechanism or by the whole column mechanism of rocker arm screw. The automatic screw conveying unit mainly transports the whole set of good screws to the working head of the screw tightening unit. The screw automatic tightening unit includes a rotating power part and a screw import section. The introduction of screws is commonly used in the form of blowing and adsorption type. 

The test unit includes the inspection of the screw's leakage lock, floating lock, card material and so on. Automatic lock screw machine is used to replace the traditional manual tightening screws machine. Instead of the frequent manual tightening action, to some extent, the work intensity of the lock screws is relieved.

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