Solder machine application in the automotive industry to improve efficiency
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Solder robot in the performance of the stability of more prominent, its core advantage is that the automation of the operating mode to ensure the consistency of its welding products, and flexible design is better to achieve a variety of product operations; In addition, the Dahe Industrial automatic solder machine only take and put material links need artificial assistance.

Can help enterprises reduce labor cost, at the same time, effectively improve the production efficiency and product yield. At present, automatic solder technology has become the mainstream of automotive electronics industry application trend, automatic solder machine category complete, on-demand customization, can adapt to a variety of production lines, in addition, can also add a variety of applications, to achieve more difficult solder full automation, more convenient for the factory to adopt the line of operation mode, thus conducive to the promotion of enterprise integration management.

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