Requirements for operation Environment of automatic solder robot and matters needing attention
- Jul 03, 2018 -

1, the working environment of the solder robot

Should be in a well-ventilated, sanitary and less dusty place.

Storage environment Temperature: 0-50°, working space temperature: 5-40°, Workspace wettability: 30%-90% no condensation.

2, solder robot system power supply and grounding Supply of electricity requirements: electronic control system should use DC24V DC power supply.

And according to the configuration of the solder machine different adjustment, the consumption of power between 0.1-0.2kw.

Contact with the ground requirements: to prevent electrical equipment such as insulation, overvoltage, leakage and other causes of electric shock events or fire events, you will be the electronic control of reliable grounding.

Grounding resistance must be light rain 100 ohms, wire length should be within 20 meters, traverse cross-sectional area of more than 1.0 square millimeters.

3, solder robot use precautions

Non-professionals do not allow the electrical system maintenance and commissioning, which will reduce the safety performance of equipment, the expansion of the fault, serious people even caused injury and property losses.

Solder robot control box around remember not to stack sundries, and in the process of using the need to regularly clean the control box surface and filter dust to keep the system good ventilation, conducive to heat dissipation.

Warm tip: When you have to open the cover of the chassis, must be cut off the power for 5 minutes and the professional guidance to allow access to the electronic control box parts.

1, prohibit the machine at work, prohibit contact with any moving parts or open control equipment, otherwise may cause personnel injury or cause the machine can not work properly.

2, the prohibition of electrical equipment in damp, dust, corrosive gases, flammable and explosive gas sites work, or may cause electric shock or fire.

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