Mechanical maintenance of solder machine
- Jul 03, 2018 -

 The type and specification of the solder machine has many kinds, and the size of the welder is different, so it is reasonable to choose the power and type of the solder machine, which has a direct relationship with the improvement of welding quality and efficiency. Solder machine welding integrated circuits, transistors and heat-prone components, should choose 20W internal heating or 25W outside the hot-type solder machine. Welding wire and coaxial cable, should be used first 45w~75w external hot soldering iron, or 50W internal heat type solder machine. Welding larger components, such as line output transformer lead pin, large electrolytic capacitor lead pin, metal chassis grounding solder, etc., should choose more than 100W of solder machine.

Soldering iron must be enough temperature to start making, this is also the occurrence of virtual welding more matters. Solder machine leads should not be too long, welding voltage drop is not greater than the initial voltage of 5%, the initial voltage can not deviate from the ±10% of the power supply voltage. The welding machine should wear gloves, aprons and protective glasses to avoid the burn of Mars. The sliding part should be kept in good lubrication, after use should be removed metal splashing. New welder start to use 24 hours after the parts of the screws should be tightened once, especially to pay attention to copper and the connection between the electrode screws must be fixed, the use should often remove the electrode rod and electrode between the arm of the oxide, to ensure good contact. Solder machine when used, such as the discovery of the AC contactor is not true, indicating that the power grid voltage is too low, the user should first solve the power problem, the power of the normal rear can be used. It should be pointed out that the new purchase of the welder within half a month if the main parts of the quality problem, you can replace the new welding machine or replace the main parts. Solder machine Host part of the warranty for one year, long-term provision of maintenance services. Under normal circumstances, users notify the factory, according to Lu Chengyuan nearly 3-7 days service in place. The welding machine damage caused by the user reason is not covered by the warranty.

The wearing parts and consumables are not covered by the warranty. Solder in solder when solder joints can not be too saturated, tin point too easy and next to the solder point of each other circuit breaker. Solder solder point can not be too much of the province of Tin, which led to the situation of virtual welding is often happening. The correct solder machine solder point is in the middle of three or four points, solder with the component foot is a small semicircle, not saturated nor tin, so that looks, solder point to the components of contact is the most good, welding out of the circuit board is also the most neat.

The solder machine uses the adjustable temperature balance soldering iron to be good; to keep a certain amount of tin on the mouth of the soldering iron, do not put the mouth on the sponge in the soldering iron rack, the sponge must maintain a certain amount of water, to make the sponge all day moist; pick up the soldering iron to start using, need to clean the mouth of the iron. Solder machine in the use of the process without the soldering iron mouth to get the sponge clean, just put the tin in the mouth of the soldering iron into the tin hard carton, so that the temperature of the mouth of the soldering iron will not rapidly decline, if the IC has tin extraction difficulties, and then add some tin to go up (because the tin contains flux), you can easily extract much of the tin down ; soldering iron temperature between 340~380度 is normal, if some of the sensitive components can only accept the 240~280度 welding temperature, iron mouth hair, not to use metal devices such as blades to deal with, but to use the tin wire to solve; every day after use, first clean, add enough tin, and then immediately cut off the power.

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