How to Use Automatic Soldering Machine
- Sep 13, 2018 -

How to Use Automatic Soldering Machine

Soldering machine soldering technology is a basic technology that radio enthusiasts must master. It requires a lot of practice to master.

1. For the selection of suitable solder, the low melting point solder wire for soldering electronic components should be used.

2. Flux is dissolved in 75% alcohol (by weight) as a flux with 25% rosin.

3. The soldering machine should be tinned before use. The specific method is: heat the soldering iron. When the solder can be melted, apply flux, and then evenly spread the soldering iron on the soldering iron to make the soldering iron evenly eat. A layer of tin.

4, soldering machine welding method, the pads and components of the pins are polished with fine sandpaper, coated with flux. Dip a proper amount of solder with a soldering iron tip and contact the solder joint. After the solder on the solder joint is completely melted and immersed in the component lead, the soldering iron tip gently lifts up the solder joint along the lead of the component.

5, soldering machine welding time should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to burn the components, if necessary, you can use the tweezers to clamp the pins to help heat.

6, solder joint solder joints should be sinusoidal peak shape, the surface should be bright and smooth, no tin thorn, moderate amount of tin.

7. After the soldering machine is soldered, the residual flux on the circuit board should be cleaned with alcohol to prevent the flux from affecting the normal operation of the circuit.

8. The integrated circuit should be soldered at the end, the soldering iron should be grounded reliably, or the residual heat should be used after the power is turned off. Or use an integrated circuit socket, solder the socket and then plug the integrated circuit.

9. The soldering machine should be placed on the soldering iron frame.

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