How to save cost by using automatic soldering machine equipment
- Jul 03, 2018 -

We commonly have led solder machine, USB solder machine, PCB, such as solder machine. This project requires a certain amount of manpower support, but also high demand for staff. In the "recruitment difficult" period, it is difficult to meet the needs of enterprises. Therefore, the replacement of artificial machines appear, automatic soldering machine greatly alleviated the personnel pressure of the enterprise. For automatic soldering machine, many enterprises also know not deep enough, do not understand its working principle, do not know how many benefits it can bring to the enterprise? 

Today, let me analyze the working principle of automatic soldering machine for you, how to save cost for you? The working principle of the automatic soldering machine: The automatic soldering machine is one kind can replace the manual welding equipment, can through the microcomputer control manipulator, can do spot welding, the welding, the weld round, the welding line, the welding irregular shape, the automatic cleaning. It is controlled by the micro-computer delivery tin system, at the same time can adjust the speed of wire delivery, tin delivery time, quantitative fixed speed to transport tin line. 

belongs to intelligent control, as long as the input solder program device automatically perform the required solder action.

Automatic soldering machine Features: More work stroke, double y-axis worktable;

It has many functions such as spot welding, drag welding, automatic cleaning, skip and so on.

With position correction, copying, mixing array (spot welding can be synchronized array), automatic positioning and other functions, machine operation is simpler and faster;

Multi-parameter setting of welding process to ensure the welding quality fully;

Using touch screen, friendly interface, simple operation; 

Flexible, can be based on customer requirements to develop machines. 

How does the automatic soldering machine Save the cost for you? First, save the people. Automatic soldering machine is through the automatic implementation to achieve the solder this action. 

 As long as the program, a person can operate, and within a certain period of time is 5 times times the speed of artificial solder, that is, a device equivalent to 5 people, it is conceivable that a device to save 4 people, the cost of labor. Second, avoid duplication of work, improve work efficiency. Artificial solder has a big flaw, is the quality of the solder is not stable, often bad, solder station behind still have to arrange two people to check, at the same time, accidentally, did not check, the product flow to the finished area was checked out, in order to avoid poor finished products, that batch of finished products need to check whether the solder is bad, Such a repetitive project, employees to work overtime, staff mood fluctuations, but also affect the normal production. Overtime and the appearance of personnel for the enterprise, is an unavoidable expenditure.  

and automatic solder machine solder quality is stable, there is a bad, is also a lot of appearance, easy to find, relatively speaking, the cost is also reduced. Then, the solder speed, improve production capacity. The biggest advantage of the automatic soldering machine is that it is fast. 

The same is the time, the speed is 5 times times the artificial, the capacity of natural increase, the profits of enterprises will increase. Finally, save the cost of training new staff. The loss and lack of skilled workers, enterprises have to retrain the solder, arranging specialized personnel training, freeing up the training room, make time and so on, to cultivate a new staff cost is relatively high. 

Using an automatic soldering machine, it is easy to operate and quickly learned in a short time. Nowadays, the general workers salary increases, to the enterprise request high and so on reason all urges the enterprise to adopt the automatic soldering machine. Automatic soldering machine is also a long-term investment, whether in the long term or in front of the consideration, are the best choice.

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