How to maintan Automatic screw locking machine
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Daily maintenance:

3.1 Operation of the device

3.1.1 The operator must first train, and then operate after passing the test. The operation should be carried out according to the operating procedures. Barbaric operation and faulty operation are strictly prohibited;

3.1.2 Check the equipment before going to work, check whether the sensor is in place, and confirm that there is no abnormality before proceeding;

3.1.3 Before operation, please apply a butter (grease) to the drive parts such as the drive screw, slider, bearing, etc.

3.1.4 Check whether the activities of the components of the machine are smooth or have abnormal noise;


3.2 Equipment maintenance before leaving get off work

3.2.1 Clean and wipe the surface of the machine;

3.2.2 Turn off the power and air supply of the equipment;

3.2.3 X, Y, Z lifting drive screw butter (grease);

3.2.4 Lubricate and maintain the moving parts of the machine;


3.3. Running the log

Prepare work before work and check the operation of the production process and maintain it, including:

3.3.1 Check and record whether the transmission mechanism is normal, and whether the fastening screws of each key part are loose;

3.3.2 Check and record the operation of each component of the machine, and make a daily checklist to make all aspects of the operation record;

3.3.3 Failure to operate normally or abnormalities during production. Immediately stop the maintenance and fill in the abnormal handling records. It is strictly forbidden to operate with faults.

 Weekly maintenance

4.1 Check and maintain various markings and operating procedures to achieve consistent, neat and beautiful results;

4.2 Make a check record of the equipment, organize and archive, summarize and analyze the law of fault occurrence;

4.3 Vibration occurs during operation of the equipment, which may loosen the sensor and fasteners, resulting in the machine being inoperable. It should be checked regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.




 Monthly maintenance

5.1 Inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the machine every month, including:

5.1.1 Whether there is a leak in the gas path;

5.1.2 Whether the insulation of the circuit cable is damaged or not;

5.1.3 Whether the sensor and fasteners are loose;

5.1.4 Whether the transmission mechanism is normal, and do a comprehensive inspection and trial operation, and the activity mechanism is to be lubricated and maintained;

5.1.5 There is no debris in the electric control box, keep the electric control box clean and hygienic, check the body for leakage, and whether the connection plugs are loose or not.


 Annually maintenance

Regular inspections and maintenance are carried out on a regular basis every year.


 Equipment Maintenance Management

7.1 routine maintenance is performed by the operator;

7.2 weeks of maintenance performed by the operator;

7.3 The equipment administrator manages the equipment and manages the operation and maintenance of the operator;

7.4 month maintenance is organized by the Equipment Engineering Department;

7.5 annual maintenance is organized by the Equipment Engineering Department;

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