Development trend of automatic lock screw machine
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Automatic lock screw machine is widely used in electronic industry automatic assembly line, such as: Mobile phone, hard disk, keyboard, electronic toys, computer, DVD, home appliances, plastics, electrical appliances, communications equipment, electrical appliances, toys, electronic processing and other fields.

Auto screw assembly Industry, for example: motor, motor, parts and so on the implementation of automatic lock screws assembly.

In other words, as long as the use of screws in the field can be fully automatic lock screw machine, multi-axis lock screw machine, semi-automatic lock screw machine, blow screw machine, suction screw machine, such as screw assembly to replace the manual lock screw operation, not only reduce labor costs, but also improve production efficiency. Automatic lock screw Machine is a typical representative of automation products.

We think, screw is our daily commonly seen things, mobile phones inside, the computer has, bicycles and so on, and so on, imagine these screws if a single to lock that will cost how much manpower, so automatic lock screw machine instead of manual on the transport and birth. If the customer goes to your company workshop to visit, looks that basically does not see what person, all is the machine, can not help but sigh, now the human is more and more intelligent, the labor force is more and more expensive, that they will replace the labor force by the automation product, reduces the unnecessary cost, enhances the investment return To achieve mechanized management, not only easy, but also good management, the machine is always better than the staff management of a lot of it, management staff is to operate the people's hearts.

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