Announcements of BGA rework station operation
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Announcements of BGA rework station operation


1.After opening the power, firstly you should check whether the upper and bottom hot air nozzles have cold wind If not, starting the power is strictly prohibited, or the heaters will be burnt The bottom infrared heating areas are all controlled by switch, and you can choose the bottom heating areas depend on the PCB board size

2. You should set different temperature curves when repair different BGA, each temperature should not higher than 300℃Lead-free rework setting can refer to welding temperature curve of BGA tin bead

3. When demount BGA, the cooling fan and vacuum should be set to automatic transmission,

The buzzer will warn automatically when temperature curve runs to the end Meanwhile, dismounting the BGA from PCB board with vacuum pen, and then dismounting the PCB board from the positioning frame

4. When welding the BGA chip, set the cooling fan to manual grade. close vacuum After the temperature curve runs to the end, the buzzer will alarm automatically, the cooling fan begins to cooling the BGA chip and bottom heating zone, meanwhile, the warm heating head will blow a cold wind Then elevate the upper heater, make the gap has 3-5mm space between the bottom of nozzle and the upper surface of BGA chip and keep cooling for 30-40 seconds, or move away the main heater after the starting light is off, finally take away the PCB board from the support

5.Before installation of BGA, it is necessary to check that if the PCB pad and BGA tin bead are all in good condition It is necessary to check the outlet after welding and to stop installation if you find something unusual Go on welding after anything is normal, or the BGA and PCB board will be damaged

6.The machine surface needs to be clean at regular time, especially the infrared heating board Avoid the dirt stay on the board, because the dirt can lead to heat radiation un-normally, bad welding quality and shorten the using time of infrared heating element


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