Glue Dispenser Valve

The top quality, stable performance, cost-effective glue dispenser valve Supplied by the 9 years professional Chinese automatic machines designer and Manufacturer Shenzhen Dinghua Innovation Automation Co., Ltd.

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Product Details

1.Introduction of glue dispenser valve


Chevrons, fridge magnets, key chains, power supply, cell phone, energy saving light, LED, DVD, DC, Switch, Connector, relay and other industries needing fluid glue solder.

Applicable objects: Mobile phones, computer case, CD-ROM driver, printer, ink folder, PCB board, LCD, LED, DVD, digital camera, switches, connectors, relays, radiators, semiconductors, clocks, toys and medical apparatus.

Silica gel, EMI conductive adhesive, UV glue, AB glue, glue, epoxy adhesive, sealant, hot glue, grease, glue, red glue, silver paste, thermal paste, solder paste, transparent paint.


1.Fast, highly accurate

2.Excellent performance

3.Automatic suction effect, prevent leakage

4.Programmable interface via teach pendant 


2. Parameters of glue dispenser valve



3.Features of glue dispenser valve

1. Teach Pendant and (optional) PC programming

2. Dispense points, lines, surface, circles, arc, irregular curves, three axis controllable.

3. The software has array, horizontal move and rotate operation function.

4. Can set the glue amount, speed and time etc. Stable glue flow and no leaking.

5. Four barrels work at the same time to improve efficiency.

6. Equipped with software that has the area display, translation rotating operation functions.   

7. Functions: Drawing point, line, surface, arc, circle, irregular curve continuous complement and tri-axial linkage.


4.Details of glue dispenser valve

1. Teach pendant for easy debugging, operation and simple programming.


2. Control box for easy to adjust and control the glue quantity, the time of glue out,And the pressure.


3. Functional press buttons on the machine for easy operation.


5.FAQ of glue dispenser valve

1. Which countries your products are exported to?
Our products are sold all over the world and with related certifications.
2.How about the warranty?
All our products have one year quality warranty, during the warranty time, the spare parts replacement is free. And we provide life long time technical support and other assistance.
3.How to install your machine?
We have paper installation instructions and videos, we will teach till you learn it.
4. Which export port you use?
Any China port, commonly we will use Shanghai, Ningbo port, it can appoint as you like.

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