Glue Dispenser Robot

The top quality, stable performance, cost-effective glue dispenser robot Supplied by the 9 years professional Chinese automatic machines designer and Manufacturer Shenzhen Dinghua Innovation Automation Co., Ltd.

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1.Introduction of glue dispenser robot


1,High Strength equipment fuselage, XYZ vertical degree is high.

2,Airframe adopt CNC equipment integrated processing effectively guarantee the verticality of XYZ improve the machining precision of the equipment.

3,Single machine is easy to operation installation.

4,DHKC441 Completely do not need to match the external computer can be stand-alone operation. Set is not only convenient to install and operate simple.

5,Humanized teaching box allows you to easily complete program setting.

6,Collocation of graphic buttons design teaching box. Allowing you to easily set between fillip to complete any dispensing path set. Copy to be simple and easy to complete all kinds of path matrix,  offset modification, correction point. And the super functions such as program transmission between machines.

7,Carefully developed control card let DHKC441 become a real inhibits PTP and CP three-axis circular arc interpolation equipment.

8,Allows you to rest assured use on any non planar 3 d dispensing  path .

9,Suitable for all kinds of requirements on adhesive industry.

10,General common UV glue, silicon, Epoxy. Silver glue, red glue, A.B glue, COB black glue, conductive adhesive, thermal aluminum paste, super glue. Such as glue all can use in DHKC441 devices.


2.Parameters of glue dispenser robot



3.Features of glue dispenser robot

1. Can realize single platform, double platform tilt rotary dispensing

2. Full automatic robot glue dispenser, 3 axis. Locate precisely.

3. Can draw dispensing path and import from computer, or edit on the touch panel. Easy operation, high precision.

4. Glue Dispenser Function: Drawing point, line, surface, arc, circle, irregular curve continuous complement and tri-axial linkage on specified location of the product.

5. Big working platform for putting several pieces of product at a time. High dispensing efficiency. Working platform can be adjustable according to the size of product.

6. Can be equipped with several heads for working at the same time to increase dispensing efficiency.

7. Can set glue amount, glue speed, dispensing time, stopping glue time. Stable glue exudation without glue leaking and dripping. 


4.Details of glue dispenser robot

1. Teach pendant for easy debugging, operation and simple programming.


2. Control box for easy to adjust and control the glue quantity, the time of glue out,

And the pressure.


3. Functional press buttons on the machine for easy operation.



5.FAQ of glue dispenser robot

After Sale Service
One year warranty and life time maintain service. Normally, our machines are seldom with quality problems, but if you have some problems after use for long time, first send us pictures and videos, we have professional after sell service stuff to give you solutions.

Purchase guidance
If you are not sure which model is the best option within you budget, it is quite simple, just send me your sample by express, after we test your samples with our machine, we will take pictures of result or send it back to you for your confirmation.
ODM Available
If you have some good ideals, but no manufacture can make it real, just contact us.

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