HD Touch Screen Bga Soldering Station

HD touchscreen BGA soldering station Small mobile phone rework machine, automatically moving up/down top head, and can be moved leftward or rightward by hand, except cell phone, also repairing webcamera, Wifi box and some small communicated equipment etc. The product parameter of HD touch screen...

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Product Details

HD touchscreen BGA soldering station


Small mobile phone rework machine, automatically moving up/down top head, and can be moved leftward or rightward by hand, except cell phone, also repairing webcamera, Wifi box and some small communicated equipment etc.


The product parameter of HD touch screen BGA soldering station

Total Power


Top hot air heater


Bottom diode heater





Taiwan led working light, any angle adjusted.

Operation mode

High definition touch screen, intelligent conversational interface, digital system setting


5000 groups

Top heater movement

Automatic up / down with button,  manual Right/left,

Lower IR preheating area

Manual rear/ front movement.


Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groov PCB bracket + universal fixtures.

Temperature control

K sensor, close loop

Temp accuracy


PCB size

Max 170×220 mm Min 22×22 mm

BGA chip

2x2 mm - 80x80 mm

Minimum chip spacing


External temper sensor




Net weight



The product details of HD touch screen BGA soldering station

semi-auto top head.jpg



Automatic top head, moving up or down by pressing buttons for soldering or desoldering mobile phone chip , such as, Iphone, Samsung and Huawei etc.


upper head to right or left.jpg


Guide rail for top head easy moving to left or right


freely frondward or backward.jpg



Guide rail for IR preheating area moved rearward or frontward


one of beam for PCB fixed.jpg


Beam put PCB on , can be moved to left or right for PCB fixed

 bottom IR heating tubes.jpg


Carbon fiber heating tubes imported from German, for mobile phone and other small PCB preheating, anti high temperature glass covering , to prevent any small component or dust from dropping inside .


Touch screen for mobile phone.jpg

PanelMaster brand computer, all of parameters set , click “start” to start machine, temperature controlling is more accurate, temperature catching frequency is faster.


machine deminssion.jpg 

BGA rework station DH-200 dimension: L*W*H(mm):540*310*500mm, small machine , small carton box , lower shipping cost .

Delivery, shipping and service of HD touch screen BGA soldering station


Vibration testing before delivery, carton box for machine packed, carton box:

63*44*58cm, Gross weight: 33kg, providing teaching CD and manual book, if any

Problem that you can not solve,we offer skype video call, WhatsApp video call and



FAQ of HD touch screen BGA soldering station  

1. Q: Can this rework station repair all of mobile phone?

A: Sure, such as, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and Vivio etc.


2. Q: Does it do desoldering only?

A: No, both soldereing and desoldering .


3. Q:Will using plywood box for it packed?

A: No, Carton case with foam inside stuffed, not heavy, cheaper shipping cost.


4. Q: How do I choose the nozzles?

A: you’d better choose A nozzle that is a little bigger than chip(IC,BGA)


Know-how about the BGA soldering station

Repair requirements for area-arrangement packages are affected by the current drawbacks of reflow. Although the de-soldering can be handled with most existing hot air equipment, the de-soldering process is the most difficult to control. In rework, as in production, quality is the ultimate goal. For production, high quality BGA reflow can be achieved in the closed environment of the reflow oven.

However, rework cannot be done in a completely enclosed environment because the heating conditions required for BGA reflow are difficult to achieve when hot air is blown through the nozzle. Success here depends on uniform heat distribution throughout the package and on PCB pads, and no blowing or moving of components during reflow.

Convective heat transfer in the repair situation involves blowing hot air through an element shaped nozzle. Aerodynamic dynamics, including laminar flow, high and low pressure zones, and circulation velocity, are complex subjects. When these physical effects are combined with the influence of heat absorption and distribution, and the hot air nozzle structure for local heating, proper BGA repair becomes difficult. Any pressure fluctuations or problems with the compressed air source or pump required by the hot air system will fundamentally reduce the performance of the rework machine.

Some hot air nozzles that contact the PCB to provide more uniform air circulation and heat distribution may have coplanar and 3D problems if adjacent components are too close. These nozzles will not touch the plate, so the desired air circulation pattern in the nozzle will be destroyed, causing uneven heating of the BGA. In addition, hot air from the nozzles often heats nearby components and blows them, or burns adjacent plastic components.

Many rework systems often store several temperature settings. However, this fictional benefit may be misleading unless the purpose of the temperature curve is clearly understood. In the production equipment, the accurate temperature curve is the key to process control because it guarantees that all solder joints are heated evenly and get enough peak temperature. The starting point for setting production parameters is the actual board temperature. By analyzing the actual material temperature, the process engineer can adjust the parameters of the heating zone of the machine to achieve the desired temperature profile of the plate.

Convection repair equipment that can store various heating elements and/or air temperature settings can only approximate the temperature conditions on the board. A more accurate process is to monitor and record the actual temperature profile of the board or component by attaching a K-type thermocouple to the PCB during reflow. During reflow, the actual inspection of the solder joints is the fundamental form of process control.

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