3 Heating Zones Touch Screen Bga Soldering Station

3 heating zones touch screen bga soldering station This is a high-end manual machine, it is including a BGA rework station, a set of solder iron, a camera and monitor screen, and very popular for Xbox, macbook and PS3/4 etc. repairing in South America, Middle -east and Southeast Asia etc. The...

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Product Details

3 heating zones touch screen bga soldering station


This is a high-end manual machine, it is including a BGA rework station, a set of solder iron, a camera and monitor screen, and very popular for Xbox, macbook and PS3/4 etc. repairing in South America, Middle -east and Southeast Asia etc.


The product parameter of 3 heating zones touch screen BGA soldering station

Total Power


Top heater


Bottom heater

2nd 1200W, 3rd IR heater 2700W

Digital Iron power




BGA positioning

Laser positioning, place pcb on the center rapidly.

Cleaning tin

With digital soldering iron, for rapid clean residual tin after desoldering, prevent pcb and bga from oxidize

HD monitor screen

1080P, 15inches


2 million pixel


Double shadowless LED lights, any angle adjusted freely

Top heater movement

Right/left, frontward/backward, rotate freely.

Operation mode

HD touch screen, intelligent conversational interface, digital system setting

Temperature profile storage

50000 groups


Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groov pcb bracket + universal fixtures.

Temperature control

K sensor, close loop

Temp accuracy


PCB size

Max 420×400 mm Min 22×22 mm

BGA chip

2x2 - 80x80 mm

Minimum chip spacing


External temper sensor



L640×W630×H560 mm

Net weight



Product feature and application of 3 heating zones touch screen BGA soldering station

· Laser positioning, fast and precise position the bga and pcb.

· External digital soldering iron, help clean the bga and motherboard conveniently.

· With vacuum tube, pick up the bga chip conveniently.

· With USB 2.0 interface, can be connected with computer, controlled by software.

· Real-time settings and actual temperature profile display can be used to analyzed and correct parameters.

· External temperature sensor enables temperature monitoring and accurate analysis of real time temperature profile.

· HD touch screen and start up password for protection and modification,  PLC control, PID parameters self setting adjustment, precise temperature module.

· Adopt three heating zone, upper heater and low heater are hot air, bottom heater is infrared preheat zone.

· K type close loop control, the temperature accuracy will be on ±2°C

· High power cross flow cooling fan, prevent the PCB from deformation.

· Sound hint system: there is voice reminder 5s-10s before the completion of heating,to get the operator prepared

· Security measure: overheat guard and emergency stop function   


1. This rework station suitable for mobile phone motherboard, the set-top box circuit, a router circuit board, XBOX 360, digital products and so on
2. Three temperature zone of independent heating, top heat 800W, IR preheating area 2700W, bottom heater 1200W
3. The max temperature: 400 degrees
4. Industrial computer installed in machine for temperature controlling, temperature curve, automatically chip welding, preheating, cooling, high precision intelligent temperature controller, to make temperature control very precise
5. Movable heating head, operation convenient
6. High power cross flow fan cooling circuit board
7. Built in vacuum suction pen fro picking BGA chip up
8. Infrared heating plate can be individually controlled heating
9. Universal PCB holder jig designed, welding area no need frame 
10. The bottom preheater uses for preheating PCB board, ensure that the PCB plate no deformation, support max size 420*400mm PCB

11. Suitable for all kinds of BGA repairing (CCGA、BGA、QFN、 CSP、LGA、Micro SMD、MLF...)
Lead and Lead-free


The product details of 3 heating zones touch screen BGA soldering station 

screen for BGA rebaling solder.jpg


Monitor screen(display screen ), 1080P, 15 inches, we can observe the process of melting when soldering.

cammera for reballing soldering.jpg 

Camera, 2 million pixels, used with a monitor screen for BGA solder ball soldering observing .


laser positioning for pcb and chip.jpg 

Laser positioning, for PCB and chip to put at the right place quickly.


Double LED lights.jpg 

Double shadowless lights, 5W, no matter where the engineer is standing, there is no shadow on the PCB, which would be helpful for observing soldering process.


cross -flow cooling fan.jpg 

Cross-flow cooling fan , power supply: 24V , speed : Max 2500±10%RPM, when machine stopping or emergency button pressed, it will start to work automatically.


Delivery, shipping service of the 3 heating zones touch screen bga soldering station

1. 1~3 days for less than 5 sets, 5~10 sets for 3~5 days, more than 10 sets, depends on the real quantity.

2.  Offer free training, installing and operation

3. For distributors , more warranty period.


About our factory

factory outside for bga manufacturing.jpg

our factory outside 

our office.jpg


Our office 



Our exhibition Room

workshop for bga manufacturing.jpg 

Workshop for BGA rework station manufacturing


FAQ of the 3 heating zones touch screen bga soldering station

1. Q: how many steps do I have to do for a chip repairing?


2. Q: Can I operate it without any ever experience?

A: Of course, there is a teaching CD with machine sent to you, also , our

Professional sales-after service team can provide you best support.


3. Q: What is the advantage for your products ?

A: We have our own CNC workshop that can manufacture all of spare parts for these BGA rework station, the quality of products can be checked by our inspector at the beginning, so we are original factory with competitive price.


4. Q: Will machine be broken when dispatching?

A: No, we will do vibration testing for at least 24 hours before delivery, then check machine again for making sure everything is OK.


The related repairing tips 

Lifted Conductor Repair, Epoxy Seal Method 


1. Clean the area. 

2. Remove any obstructions that prevent the lifted circuit from making contact with the base board surface.



Be careful while cleaning and removing all obstructions, not to stretch or damage the lifted conductor. 

3. Mix the epoxy. 

4. Carefully apply a small amount of epoxy under the entire length of the lifted circuit. The tip of the Precision Knife may be used to apply the epoxy. (See Figure 1). 

5. Press the lifted circuit down into the epoxy and into contact with the base board material. 

6. Apply additional epoxy to the surface of the lifted circuit and to all sides as needed. 

7. Cure the epoxy per Procedure 2.7 Epoxy Mixing and Handling.



Some components may be sensitive to high temperature. 

8. Apply surface coating to match prior coating as required.

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