Preheating Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

DH-D1 BGA rework station integrated structure design, can repair different sizes of SGA, OPP, CSP etc) . DH-B2 BGA rework station mainly include Pick & place System. Dark IR, Reflow Soldering System, Software Control System.

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Preheating Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine


1.Product Features of Preheating Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

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Embedded industrial PC.

HD touch screen interface,

Digital system setting with human-machine interface operation.

Multi-functional integrated control.

Real-time actual temperature and temperature curve setting can also be used to analyze and correct the curve if necessary.

Uses high precise K-type thermocouple closed-loop control and PID automatic temperature compensation system, with temperature module and intelligent control unit to enable precise temperature deviation on ±2℃.

Movable universal fixture prevent PCB from damaged on fringe component, suitable for all kinds of PCB repairing.


2.Specification of Preheating Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

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3.Details of Preheating Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared );

3. Vacuum pen;

4.Led headlamp.

4.Why Choose Our Preheating Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine? 

5.Certificate of Preheating Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

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6.Packing & Shipment of Preheating Touch Screen BGA Soldering 

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8.Related knowledge

Six conditions that may cause LED lamp beads to die in the process of welding

1. soldering iron welding is the most common, such as sample, maintenance, because most of the existing manufacturers in order to save costs, buy back the iron is mostly unqualified slightly quality products, most of the grounding is poor, there is leakage, the welding process This is equivalent to the leakage of the soldering iron tip - the LED is welded - the human body - the earth forms a loop, that is equal to dozens of times - hundreds of times the voltage of the lamp is added to the LED lamp beads, instantly Burn it out.


Note: The situation of connecting static belts will be more serious, because when the human body is connected to the static belt, the resistance to form a loop to the ground is smaller, the current through the human body to the lamp beads will be greater, which is also what many people have said is obviously electrostatic There are still so many problems with lamp damage.


2. Dead lights caused by welding on the heating platform. Due to the constant sample list of lamps and lanterns, most companies need to meet the needs of small batches and sample orders. Due to the advantages of low equipment cost, simple structure and operation, the heating platform becomes the best production tool. , However, due to the use of the environment (such as: there is a fan temperature where the temperature can not be constant) and the welding operator's control of proficiency and welding speed has become a major problem caused by the dead lights, there is also heating Platform grounding conditions.


3. reflow, generally this welding method is the most reliable production method, suitable for mass production and processing, if not handled properly, it will cause more serious consequences of dead lights, such as unreasonable temperature adjustment, poor machine grounding.


Second, due to improper storage caused by dead lights:

This problem is the most common, because after opening the package does not pay attention to the issue of moisture, because the lamp beads more than the use of silicone rubber seal material, which according to a certain degree of water absorption characteristics, after the lamp beads after damp, after high temperature welding process Silicone will expand and contract due to thermal expansion, gold wire, chips, and stents will cause deformation and dislocation of the gold wire, resulting in a phenomenon that the light is not bright. Therefore, it is recommended that the LED be stored in a dry and ventilated environment with a storage temperature of -40. °C - +100 °C, relative humidity below 85%; LED is used within 3 months under its original packaging condition is better to avoid the rust of the bracket; when the LED bag is opened, it should be used as soon as possible. Storage temperature is 5°C-30°C and relative humidity is below 60%.


Third, static electricity:

Static electricity can cause malfunction of the LED. It is recommended to prevent ESD from damaging the LED.


1. The operator must wear anti-static wristbands and anti-static gloves when testing and assembling LEDs.

2. Welding equipment and test equipment, work tables, storage racks, etc. must be well grounded.

3. Use an ion fan to eliminate the static electricity generated by the LED during storage and assembly.

4. The anti-static material box is used for the LED-loaded material box, and the bag is made of electrostatic bag.

5. do not have chance, go to touch LED.


The abnormal phenomena that LED damage by ESD are:

1. reverse leakage, light will cause the brightness to decrease, serious lights do not shine.

2. The forward voltage decreases. The LED does not emit light when driven at low current.

3. poor welding caused the light to be off.

Fourth, chemical cleaning:

Do not use unclear chemical liquids to clean the LED, as it may damage the surface of the LED colloid and even cause gel cracks. If necessary, clean it with an alcohol swab under normal temperature ventilation. It is best to control the time in one minute.

Five, deformation caused by dead lights:

Due to the fact that some of the lamp boards are deformed, the operator will reshape the board. Because the board is deformed, the upper lamp beads will also deform along with it. The gold wire will be broken and the lamp will not light. It is recommended to have this type of board. Fortunately, plastic processing before production. Longer assembly and movement in the production and may also cause deformation to break the gold wire phenomenon. There is stacking, the production process to facilitate the convenience, the lamp board will be stacked, due to gravity, the lower lamp beads will be forced deformation, damage the gold wire.

Sixth, heat dissipation structure, power supply and light board do not match:

Due to the unreasonable power supply design or selection, the power supply exceeds the maximum limit (overcurrent, instantaneous impact) that the LED can withstand; the unreasonable cooling structure of the lamp can cause dead light and premature light failure.

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