Laser Postion Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

The DH-D1 BGA rework station is the most popular BGA rework station with touch screen control, 3 individual zones, 6 bottom heater with height adjustable,programmable top/bottom heating, 50X high resolution camera system, 3 thermcouples for real-time profiling.

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Laser Postion Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

1..Product Features of laser postion touch screen BGA soldering machine

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Upper and lower heater consists of mix technologies, hot air + IR. Upper heater performs in two ways-path and direct injection. The IR acts directly on the heated area while hot air works. They interact to heat quickly while temp. remains even (heating-up speed is up to 10°C/S)

Removable PCB fixing frame with three independent heaters, top & bottom side center supports

German made original bottom preheating table utilizing exothermic materials plated IR tube) + constant temp. glass (resistant to heat up to 1800°C), preheating area size is up to 500*420mm.

Preheating table, clamp device and cooling system can move integrally in X direction, which facilitates and secures location of PCB and desoldering.


2.Specification of laser postion touch screen BGA soldering machine

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3.Details of laser postion touch screen BGA soldering machine

1.HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared );

3.Vacuum pen; 

4.Led headlamp.

4.Why Choose Our laser postion touch screen BGA soldering machine? 

5.Certificate of laser postion touch screen BGA soldering machine

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6.Packing & Shipment of laser postion touch screen BGA soldering machine

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Q: Where to buy bga rework station?

A:Contact us, please click HERE


Q: Which bga rework station is best?

A:Dinghua Technology is the best supplier for BGA rework station in China.


Q: What is bga rework station?

A: It is the term for the refinishing operation or repair of an electronic printed circuit board(PCB) assembly, usually involving desoldering and re-soldering of surface-mounted electronic components (SMD)


Q: How BGA rework station works?

A:A machine with hot air flow and/or infrared heaters is used to heat devices and melt solder, and specialised tools are used to pick up and position often tiny components. A rework station is a place to do this work—the tools and supplies for this work, typically on a workbench.


Q:What tools do BGA chips use for ball mounting?

A:To use tweezers, stencils, balling tables, pastes, scrapers, solder balls, heating tables.


Q:What are processes of BGA desoldering?

A: Choose the appropriate tuyere. Try to be the same size as the BGA, and the larger detachable tuyere.

Temperature adjustment 350 ~ 400 degrees. Air volume adjustment. Different tuyere will be different.

Demolition: Put it 3~5mm vertically from the BGA, straight blow or evenly heat. After the tin is melted, it can be picked up.

Loading: First clean up the board and component pads. Use a soldering iron to flatten. Use a suitable steel mesh to fix the bga solder paste. Then use a blow gun to heat and melt the solder balls. Apply a small amount of flux to the board and place it in place. Align the heat until you see it sink to the bottom. Use a tweezer to touch it. Discovering that you can move it back indicates that it has been blown.

Large pieces can be blown up to a slightly higher temperature. After tin is melted, the height is increased to control the temperature. Otherwise it is easy to burn the plate.

When you touch bga, the amplitude must not be too large.

Blowing time may be relatively long. 1~2 minutes is no matter what. The most important thing is to control the temperature. Do a good job of anti-static.

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