2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

A great entry level BGA Rework Stastion for jobs that don't require split vision assist camera. The DH-B2 BGA Rework Station is a basic rework station that is ideal for entry-level circuit board repair jobs. This rework station does not have a split-vision assist camera. The rework station fits boardsup to 16.5 inches and has the capability to place components from 4 millimeters to 55 millimeters.

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2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

1..Product Features of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

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With different size of magnet nozzles, easy replace and install, rotate freely 360°, any size can be custom if need. Titanium alloy material, does not deform or rust.

Heating temperature, time, slope, cooling and vacuum can all be set in touch screen conversational interface.

6-8 segments temperature can be set for top heating and lower heating(up to 16 segments).

50,000 groups of temperature curves can be stored.

Powerful cross flow fan, fast cooling for PCB and machine.

With Voice warning 5-10 seconds before heating finish.

LED light.

USB 2.0 port.

Overheat guarding.

Audio-Visual indication.

CE certified.

ISO 9001 standards compliance.

Easy operation.



2.Specification of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

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3.Details of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

1.HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared );

3. Vacuum pen;

4.Led headlamp.

4.Why Choose Our 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine? (黑色,加粗,16px

5.Certificate of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

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6.Packing & Shipment of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Soldering Machine

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A: How to pack ?

Carton case and foam inside


A: Are you a factory ?

Of course, we are a factory, and have our own R&D department, and dust-free workshop


A: If I ordered massive quantity, can i get a much better price?

Yes, please just contact us


A: Can I visit to your workshop ?

Yes, it’s OK, please let us know in advance.


A: How could you tell if a BGA chip has been reballed?

The refurbished BGA and the new BGA are invisible. The BGA reballing technology is now mature. The refurbishment factory was reballing. Basically, it can avoid that the ball does not shine. Not round. There are technical problems such as residue. (Of course, the refurbishment of the factory is still not resolved.) 

Then we have to look at other places 

1: Look at the green oil. BGA before reballing. Tweak the remaining tin. When dragging tin in the heating mode. It is relatively easy to cause bad green oil. For example, some green oil stripped. 

2: Because of heating, cleaning and other reasons. It will also cause some fonts on the BGA to be unclear. Normally manufactured new BGA is printed in text ink. Clear font. (Now there are refurbishers who specialize in text refurbishment. The original unclear fonts are polished off and the silk screens are reprinted. There are also reprinted laser prints). 

3: The refurbished BGA looks more matt. The new BGA looks brighter. 

4: Speak nonsense. It is best to test it with a fixture before using it. Avoid mixing of defective products into the production line.

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