Dinghua Optical alignment BGA Rework Station

US $3.00-$5999.00 / Piece
1 Piece Min. Order
Dimensions: 740*630*710mm
Weight: 65KG
Rated Capacity: 5200W
Current: 20A
Voltage: AC 110~240 V±10% 50/60Hz
Rated Duty Cycle: 100%

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Product Details

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    1.     Auto de-soldering, feeder & re-soldering, with intelligent reminder for next step, for very easy operation.

    2.     The repair success rate reaches up to 99%, under correct operation.

    3.    High temperature control system, with precise k-type thermocouple closed-loop control, PID auto temperature compensation system, external temp. sensor, which make the deviation ±2℃.

    4.     Two operation modes in system: full automatic and manual, which is easy to switch between the two for best work effect.

    5.    Auto mode include: Auto feeding system, auto BGA / IC pick and place, laser position, auto d-soldering and re-soldering.

    6.    Manual mode is mainly used to touch HD screen for temperature curve/profile set-up or adjustment, make top heater height adjustment with joysticks, and the camera movement, the external temperature test, and to pick up chip with vacuum pen, if necessary.

    7.   HD touch screen conversational interface, with PLC control of multi-functional integrated programs, with makes the operation quite conveniently and easily.

    8.   Able to set up 8 segments of temperature, with changeable top heating and lower heating (up to 16 segments). And un-limited number of temperature profiles stored in program.

    9.   Free to adjust or re-set up the curve during the work, once it necessary to make the change.

    10.   Three heaters are individually set up, but integratedly work, and the IR infrared pre-heater is big size for wise range of board repair.

    11.  High quality of radiating fan with big volume of wind-force automatically run right after the heating work( down to < 45℃ ) to support high efficient cooling, and prevent the heater aging.

    12.  Panasonic branded optical alignment system with auto-folded CCD camera, in MAX 220x, which makes the vision clear and reliable.

    13.  Human structure design, auto folding optical lens, freely optional set-up of temperature curve, for very wise use of chips.

    14.   Precise designed universal fixtures, make the PCB can be adjusted in X, Y, Z direction with “5 points support” + V-groove and PCB bracket, which make it free to position the PCB rapidly.

    15.    Laser point positioning makes the position of chip/IC easy, accurate and rapid.

    16.    Also, the flexible movable fixtures help to prevent other fringe part of PCB being deformed, and widen the use range of PCB sizes.

    17.    High power LED light for observing machine work more visually.

    18.    5 sets of different sizes of magnet nozzles made of titanium alloy material are provided for free.

    19.    Auto safety and reminder system: auto voice warning at 5 seconds before heating finish.

    20.    Double protection: Overheating guard + emergency stop function.

    21.    CE certification approval.


    1. Manual and CD-ROM of demonstration video is provided for free, which is easy to understand.

2. Training also included if needed. 

Packaging & Deliveries:   

pack and export 1.png

Packing Lisk-brochure.jpg       

Packing Materials:  Strong wooden case+ wooden bars+ proof foams and wrapped film

Dimension:  L77cm*W72cm*H73cm    

1.Warranty:   3 years, the 1st year is free of warranty, the 2nd and 3rd year to receive   the parts cost.
2.Delivery: within 3 days   after payment.
3.Shipment mode: DHL/ FedEx/   TNT, or via AIR, SEA, either is at your need.
4.Payment terms:Western   Union,T/T,etc.


Warmly welcome world-wide business partners to consult and visit our factory!          

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