Touch Screen Xbox360 BGA Rework Station

touch screen Xbox360 bga rework station Quick preview: Original factory price! DH-A1 BGA Rework Machine with IR heater for Xbox360 repairing is now in stock.Our rework station are mainly used in the rework of BGA,CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, Micro SMD,LED etc.With multi-funtion and innovative design,...

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touch screen Xbox360 bga rework station

Quick preview:

Original factory price! DH-A1 BGA Rework Machine with IR heater for Xbox360 repairing is now in stock.Our rework station are mainly used in the rework of BGA,CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, Micro SMD,LED etc.With multi-funtion and innovative design, Dinghua machine can make one-stop Romoving,Mounting and Soldering.


1. Specification






Top heater

Hot air 800W


Bottom heater

Iron heater

Hot air 1200W, Infrared 2800W



Power supply

AC220V±10% 50/60Hz






V-groove, PCB support can be adjusted in any direction with external universal fixture


Temperature control

K type thermocouple, closed loop control, independent heating


Temp accuracy

±2 degrees


PCB size

Max 500*400 mm Min 22*22 mm


BGA chip



Minimum chip spacing



External Temperature Sensor



Net weight



2.Description of the DH-A1 BGA rework station

1.With Voice warning 5-10 seconds before heating finish: remind operator to pick up bga chip on time. After heating, cooling fan will work automatic, when temperature cool down to room temperature ( <45℃ ), cooling system will stop automatic to prevent the heater from aging.

2.CE certification approval.Double protection: Overheating guard + emergency stop function.

3.External connect with digital soldering iron, for rapid, convenient, high efficiency to clean the tin! 

4.Laser positioning, easy and convenient to position.

3.Why you should choose Dinghua?

1.We are the professional BGA rework station manufacturer. And have been in this filed for more than 13 years. Engaged in Design, Development, Production and Selling.

2.Our machine is best in quality with low price. Are popular with the repair shop and training schooll all over the worlk. Welcome you to be our agent.

3.Fast delivery: FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT and EMS. Many models in stock all the time.

4.Payment: Western Union, PayPal, T/T.

5.OEM and ODM is welcome.

6.All the machine will be equipped with user guide and CD.

4.Detailed Images of DH-A1 BGA REWORK STATION

5 Packing & delivery details of DH-A1 BGA REWORK STATION


6.Delivery detials of DH-A1 BGA REWORK STATION


1.Shipment will be  done within 5 business days after receiving payment.

2.Fast delivery shipment by DHL,FedEX,TNT ,UPS and other ways including by sea or by air.




7. Related knowledge

BGA has a wide variety of package types, and its shape is square or rectangular. According to the arrangement of the solder balls, it can be divided into peripheral, staggered and full array BGA. According to the different substrates, it can be divided into three types: PBGA (Plasticball Zddarray plastic ball array), CBGA (ceramicballSddarray ceramic ball array ), TBGA (tape ball grid array carrier type ball array).

1, PBGA (plastic ball array) package

PBGA package, which uses BT resin/glass laminate as substrate, plastic (epoxy molding compound) as sealing material, solder ball as eutectic solder 63Sn37Pb or eutectic solder 62Sn36Pb2Ag (Already some manufacturers use lead-free solder ), solder ball and package connection does not require the use of additional solder. There are some PBGA packages that are cavity structures that are divided into cavity up and cavity down. This kind of PBGA with cavity is to enhance its heat dissipation performance, it is called heat enhanced BGA, abbreviated as EBGA, and some also called CPBGA (cavity plastic ball array).

The advantages of PBGA package are as follows:

1) Good thermal compatibility with PCB board (printed board - usually FR-4 board). The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the BT resin/glass laminate in the PBGA structure is approximately 14 ppm/°C, and that of the PCB is approximately 17 ppm/cC. The CTEs of the two materials are relatively close, resulting in good thermal matching.

2) In the reflow process, the self-alignment of the solder ball, that is, the surface tension of the molten solder ball can be used to achieve the alignment requirements of the solder ball and the pad.

3) Low cost.

4) Good electrical performance.

The disadvantage of the PBGA package is that it is sensitive to moisture and is not suitable for packages with devices that require hermeticity and high reliability.

2, CBGA (ceramic ball array) package

In the BGA package series, CBGA has the longest history. Its substrate is a multi-layer ceramic, and the metal cover is soldered to the substrate with a sealing solder to protect the chip, the leads and the pads. The solder ball material is a high-temperature eutectic solder 10Sn90Pb. The connection of the solder ball and the package needs to use a low temperature eutectic solder 63Sn37Pb. The standard ball pitch is 1.5mm, 1.27mm, 1.0mm.

The advantages of the CBGA (ceramic ball array) package are as follows:

1) Good airtightness and high resistance to moisture, resulting in high long-term reliability of packaged components.

2) Electrical insulation properties are better than PBGA devices.

3) Higher packing density than PBGA devices.

4) Thermal performance is better than PBGA structure.

The disadvantages of the CBGA package are:

1) Due to the large difference in thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) between the ceramic substrate and the PCB (the CTE of the A1203 ceramic substrate is about 7ppm/cC, and the CTE of the PCB is about 17ppm per pen), the thermal matching is poor and the solder joint fatigue is The main failure mode.

2) Compared with PBGA devices, the cost of packaging is high.

3) The alignment of solder balls at the edge of the package is more difficult.

3, CCGA (ceramiccolumnSddarray) ceramic column grid array

CCGA is a modified version of CBGA. The difference between the two is that CCGA uses a solder column with a diameter of 0.5 mm and a height of 1.25 mm to 2.2 mm instead of the 0.87 mm diameter solder ball in CBGA to improve the fatigue resistance of the solder joint. Therefore, the columnar structure can better relieve the shear stress between the ceramic carrier and the PCB board caused by the thermal mismatch.

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