Touch Screen Samsung BGA Rework Station

touch screen samsung bga rework station Quick preview: Original factory price! DH-A1 BGA Rework Machine with IR heater for ipad repairing is now in stock.It is designed by user-friendly operation system,aiming to help operator to understand how to use within few minutes. 1. Specification...

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touch screen samsung bga rework station

Quick preview:

Original factory price! DH-A1 BGA Rework Machine with IR heater for ipad repairing is now in stock.It is designed by user-friendly operation system,aiming to help operator to understand how to use within few minutes.


1. Specification






Top heater

Hot air 800W


Bottom heater

Iron heater

Hot air 1200W, Infrared 2800W



Power supply







V-groove, PCB support can be adjusted in any direction with external universal fixture


Temperature control

K type thermocouple, closed loop control, independent heating


Temp accuracy

±2 degrees


PCB size

Max 500*400 mm Min 22*22 mm


BGA chip



Minimum chip spacing



External Temperature Sensor



Net weight



2.Application of the DH-A1 BGA rework station

Application Use for BGA Rework Stations

BGA rework stations have several different applications in the world of PCB repair and alteration. Here are a few of the most common applications.

Upgrades: Upgrades are one of the most common reasons for rework. Technicians may need to swap out parts or add upgraded pieces to a PCB.

Faulty parts: PCBs can have various faulty parts that may require rework. For example, pads could get damaged during BGA removal, any number of parts could be heat-damaged or there could be too much solder joint voiding.

Faulty assembly: A range of mistakes can occur during the rework process. For example, the PCB may have incorrect BGA orientation or a poorly developed BGA rework thermal profile. If this is the case, the PCB will likely need to undergo further rework to address the faulty assembly. 

3.Why you should choose Dinghua?

1.Strict quality control.

2.Even after PCB and chips have been repaired on BGA rework station for several times,the appearance and functions are not affected.

3.Wide range of application:

Motherboard of computer,smartphone,laptop,digital camera ,air conditioner,TV and other electronic equipments from medical industry,communication industry,automobile industry,etc.

Wide range of application:BGA,PGA,POP,BQFP,QFN,SOT223,PLCC,TQFP,TDFN,TSOP,


4.High success rate of BGA or other chips rework.

4. Related Knowledge:

BGA Re-balling

The BGA component post-reball reflow profile has to be carefully developed to minimise potential damage caused by heat cycling and increase the success rate of the process. Whilst developing profile multiple conditions and factors have to be considered in order to achieve constant satisfactory and repeatable results. Some of the conditions we consider is mass ratio of substrate to leads, weight of the BGA device, array density / pitch / solder sphere size, operating temperatures, length of operational time in field before BGA failure, manufacturing process, original solder paste / bumps used and client RoHS requirements.

In the cases where reliability is preference we suggest lead conversion of the device, as this highly increases the flexibility of solder joints and eliminates issues related to voids, lead-free solder cracks and whisker development. The procedure to successfully replace solder spheres on BGA device involves removal of residual solder by either hot air, de-soldering wick or solder vacuum depending on the rework-ability level of component and client requirements. This procedure is crucial phase during BGA component rework and is carried out in dust free cleanroom environment to eliminate all potential BGA land contamination and ensure the quality bonding between solder sphere and BGA lands. Under customer requirements we can feed argon / nitrogen into our enclosed environment reballing ovens to further extend the quality of soldering.

5.Detailed Images of DH-A1 BGA REWORK STATION



6.Packing & delivery details of DH-A1 BGA REWORK STATION


Delivery detials of DH-A1 BGA REWORK STATION


1.Shipment will be   done within 5 business days after receiving payment.

2.Fast delivery   shipment by DHL,FedEX,TNT ,UPS and other ways including by sea or by air.



7. Service

1.We'll have a good check and test before shipping out.

2.We'll send you the English operating manuals or videos for you in the package or by email.

3.24 hours technical support by email or calling.

4.Warranty:1 year free,2-3 years cost price and free technical support always.

5.Free training to make sure you master the operating of this machine.

6.After-Sale service.If any question, Just contact us by Email or Calling, we will reply as soon as possible. 


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