Touch Screen Cell Phone BGA Rework Station

When you need to replace defective components, reprogram firmware, or install a daughter board on complex or high-rel PCBAs, you need a rework system that combines ease of use with high precision of temperature control and reliability. DH-200 BGA rework station is easy to use and suitable for mobile phone chip-level repairing.

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Touch Screen Cell Phone BGA Rework Station

1. Product Features of Touch Screen Cell Phone BGA Rework Station

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1.High success rate of repairing chips. Precise temperature control ensure temperature change according to the materials of the solder balls.

2.Precise temperature control. Target chip can be soldered or desoldered while no other components on PCB are damaged.

(1)No false welding or fake welding.

(2)The frequency of one PID value running in one cycle is about 10 milliseconds while one cycle time of one PID value of our competitors is about 40-60 milliseconds. The faster it captures the frequency, the more precise its temperature control is.

(3)Hot air nozzle is made of Titanium alloy without being rusted, out of shape or discolored. When temperature is too high for the chip, backflow tank design makes hot air reflux to ensure that the bridge will not be detonated, and the peripheral components will not be damaged at the same time.

(4)Two independent heating areas increase temperature gradually, which cannot damage IC chip. Even after PCB has been repaired for times, the appearance and functions of PCB are not affected.

(5).Humanized design makes the machine easy to operate. Normally a worker can learn to use it in 10 minutes. No special professional experiences or skills is needed, which is time- and energy-saving for your company.

(6).Suitable for various types of PCB of any size.

(7). Superior materials guarantee long life span. Built-in upper and bottom cooling fan cool the machine automatically as soon as heating process is finished, which effectively avoids deterioration and aging of machine.3-year warranty for heating system is offered.

(8).Lifetime unlimited technical support and free training are offered.

(9).The super bright LED headlamp is imported from Taiwan Top manufacturer. It can help you clearly see the melting condition of solder ball and check if there is any dirt on the PCB and chip.

2.Specification of Touch Screen Cell Phone BGA Rework Station

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3.Details of Touch Screen Cell Phone BGA Rework Station

1. 3 independent heaters ( hot air & infrared ); 

2.HD digital display ; 

3. HD touch screen interface , PLC control ; 

4.Led headlamp ;

4.Why Choose Our Touch Screen Cell Phone BGA Rework Station?

5.Certificate of Touch Screen Cell Phone BGA Rework Station

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6.Packing & Shipment of Touch Screen Cell Phone BGA Rework Station

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8.Related knowledge of Touch Screen Cell Phone BGA Rework Station

How to tell if the phone motherboard is broken

These methods are only for mobile phone users.

And just to determine whether the motherboard is bad, that is, the value of the mobile phone is still worth the maintenance?

● All smart phones are now used, and many cell phones have become integrated batteries. Individuals do not have enough conditions to replace the battery. The following is a little use of skills updated, and hope to help everyone:

Phone motherboard failure symptoms: the performance is generally a system startup failure, no screen display, start a black screen crash, can not boot, fever, no sound, can not call, no network and so on.

The reasons for these symptoms are: water intake, drop, charge voltage instability, quality problems, etc.

Treatment method: As a user, first of all do not worry if you find that your own mobile phone is abnormal. The following steps are all done once again.

1, first remove the battery, replace the battery with a conditional boot check (not to enter the water of the mobile phone).

However, many mobile phones now have battery integration. It is impossible for individuals to open batteries. What should we do?

Generally integrated battery, the connection is not good, unless the phone after a serious fall.

First of all, look at this phone is not a serious fever when not boot, if it is not to do it down, check the interface whether there are foreign objects, if not, first repair, people open the inspection; of course, is to find a way Cleared this foreign body to see if it was hot.

Then you can keep pressing the key of the power supply. If the phone is only an occasional system problem, the phone will open again. If you can't, look down.

2, check whether the phone's keys are stuck;

Occasionally, there will be foreign objects stuck in the buttons during the daily work, and carefully watch whether the foreign objects enter the keys, especially the charging port. If the card is stuck with conductive foreign objects, it will cause the phone to be short-circuited.

3, remove the memory card, number card. Sometimes this card will cause the phone to go wrong.

4. Connect the computer with the original data cable. When there is no response from the screen, it can be connected to the computer. The computer can connect normally and can read data. However, the screen does not respond. Most of the screen problems are not the main board.

● Users who have conditionally opened the phone can refer to the following points to determine if the motherboard is broken:

1, to see the appearance: a serious deformation, a chip has been burned, the surface of the electronic components off.

2, power: Connect the current meter to see the current. The normal start-up current is regular. If there is no current or large current, then the motherboard must have a problem.

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