Optical TV Satellite BGA Rework Station

1. Product Introduction • Ultra Precision Site Recognition • Superior Alignment Speed & Flexibility • Precision Target Site Imaging • Maximum Sensitivity for Delicate Part Placement • Pixel Colorization of Pads for the Ultimate Contrast • Optical Zoom & Auto Focus for Superior Image...

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Product Details

1. Product Introduction

• Ultra Precision Site Recognition
• Superior Alignment Speed & Flexibility
• Precision Target Site Imaging
• Maximum Sensitivity for Delicate Part Placement
• Pixel Colorization of Pads for the Ultimate Contrast
• Optical Zoom & Auto Focus for Superior Image Quality
• Magnified Imaging of Micro Size Parts
• Award Winning Service & Support!

• High Speed Force Feedback Provides Maximum Sensitivity for Delicate Component Placement.

• Dual Color Camera Interface Offers Unique Processing Options 

2. Product Specifications



3. Product Applications

The Dinghua BGA Rework Stations feature the latest vision and thermal process control technologies. Printed circuit boards and substrates consisting of components such as BGA’s, CSP’s, QFN’s, Flip Chips, PoP, Wafer Level Dies, and many other SMD’s are processed with consistently high quality results. Precise mechanics and advanced software simplifies component placement, soldering, and/or rework. Operator involvement is very limited making these systems easy to setup and use. Available in benchtop and standalone configurations, these machines are ideal for prototype R&D, NPI, Engineering, Failure Analysis labs as well as OEM / CEM production environments. Automation, machines' capability, and ease of use are critical for both prototype and production volume applications requiring consistency and quality.

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4. Product details

5. Product Qualifications

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6. Our services

Award winning and patented rework systems

Today, we have more than 50 experienced engineers and technicians working on new innovations and improvements every day - all in all 10% of our employees work in the area research & development. The Dinghua corporation is already technology respectively world market leader in many of its business areas. Numerous patents and awards prove our constant drive towards innovation. Adopting a steady process of change, we adapt our products to the rapidly changing requirements of the market, while at the same time developing a sustainable technology and innovation road map.


7. FAQ

Solid design enables ultra precise placement to within 0.0002" or 5 microns. A newly implemented software driven Force Measurement System makes it possible to handle even the smallest and fragile devices along with complex packages like stacked dies or Package-On-Package (PoP). Split Vision Optics allows simultaneous top of the PCB / substrate and bottom of the component viewing to superimpose and align both images. Split Imaging is a feature that creates diagonal corner viewing for alignment of larger packages at high magnification. High quality components within the optics system ensure a clear and distortion free imaging. Precise closed loop reflow process control enables mimicking the original production profile. Software contains a database of predefined profiles which the user selects based on the package and PCB being reworked. An Automated Profile Generation feature allows the user to develop an optimum profile in a single pass that may be saved for future processing. Profiles may be easily modified, optimized, and stored for future use. Settings can be adjusted on-the-fly while the profile is running. Software controls reflow via forced air top heater, forced air bottom heater, and a large area Quartz IR preheater. Airflow at the top heater is monitored by the software and delivers excellent temperature uniformity. This guarantees very gentle flow which cannot disturb even the smallest adjacent components like 01005 passives. Controlled cooling of the part and PCB is accomplished via direct air flow at the top nozzle, air flow at the localized bottom heater, and side automatic powerful cross air flow cooling fan.


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