Optical Camera Bga Rework Station

Optical camera BGA rework station DH-A4D high-end rework station, used for iphone, macbook, car controlling PCB and AI's intelligent PCB etc. Featuring with vertical laser point, smart chip feeder, and full automatic optical CCD etc. It has been used by group company and international...

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Product Details

Optical camera BGA rework station  


DH-A4D high-end rework station, used for iphone, macbook, car controlling PCB and AI's intelligent PCB etc. Featuring with vertical laser point, smart chip feeder, and full automatic optical CCD etc. It has been used by group company and international company overseas, such as, Foxconn, Google and Volvo etc.


The product parameter of optical camera BGA rework station 

Total Power


Top heater


Bottom heater

2nd 1200W, 3rd German IR heater 4200W


110~220V±10% 50/60Hz

Operation mode

Double joysticks operation. Fully automatic positioning, soldering, cooling, integration..

Optical CCD camera lens

Automatic Frontward / backward, right / left, or manual by joysticks, imported from Panasonnic

Chip feeder

Full automatic, application for chip 1*1~80*80mm

Camera magnification

10x - 220x

Workbench fine-tuning:

±15mm forward/backward, ±15mm  right/left

BGA positioning

Laser position, fast and accurate position of pcb and bga

BGA chip angle adjusting

Max 60°

Top air flow speed

adjusted by adjusting knob, prevent tiny bga from being moved

PCB Positioning

Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groove PCB bracket + universal fixtures, spring installing on PCB workbench, protecting PCB from being deformed .

Temperature control

K sensor, close loop 

Placement accuracy:


Running methods

PLC control, Servo driver

Temp accuracy



Taiwan led working light, any angle adjustable

Temperature profile storage

50000 groups

PCB size

Max 410×450 mm Min 22×22 mm

BGA chip

2x2 - 80x80 mm

Minimum chip spacing


External temper sensor




Net weight



Some features of optical camera BGA rework station 

Highly efficient 6800W hybrid heating head

Large-area IR bottom heating in 3 heating zones (4200 W)

Integrated vacuum pipette for component removal and placement

Highly accurate placement with integrated force sensor

Enhanced Visual Assistant

Computer aided component placement

Process control and documentation can be saved in machine or exported by USB 2.0

Suitable for the use of the factory, laboratory of university and others .


The product details of optical camera BGA rework station

monitor screen.jpg

Monitor screen, 15 inches, HD 1080P, witch can be zoomed in or out 10~220x, used for dots of PCB and chip imaging on.


indicated lights for 3 heaters.jpg


Indicated lights for 3 independent heating areas, when they are heating up, the lights will be continuously flickering, until temperatures reach at that were set.


optical CCD & chip feeder.jpg 

Smart chip feeder and full automatic optical CCD lens, the feeder can be available for 1*1~80*80 mm, optical CCD lens imported from Panasonnic, high quality and durable, both feeder and optical CCD can work together frontward, backward, leftward or rightward.  


Cross are flow fan for power IC.jpg 

Cooling fan for PCB cooled after soldering or desoldering, in order to make sure it can decline to normal temperature as soon as possible. If emergency button is pressed down, or working over it would automatically work for cooling.


distance that can be moved for macbook.jpg 

Moveable IR preheating area, it is better for precise PCB and chip preheating up, whole IR area can be moved to right or left 10 cm .


IR preheating for PCB.jpg 

Carbon fiber heating tubes covered by glass-shield, dark light is easy to be absorbed by PCB or chip, and glass-shield can block and small components or dust from dropping inside, so that make sure the machine’s inside is clear and no 4 pieces tubes, two of them can be switched off if not necessary.


Our valuable customers who using our machines 

customer of Foxconn and google.jpg 

These customers as above are uising our BAG rework station, Automatic screw locking machine or Automatic soldering station, even though, Apple and Google purchase our machine in its contract manufacturer.




We have about 100 patents and it is being increased, just for promoting new products for meeting customers’ vary requirements in different field.


The products shipping, service and packing of this optical camera BGA rework station 

1. Before delivery, machine will be vibrating test for at least 24 hours like a vehicle running on a way, just for checking if the machine will have any problem occured, after that, machine will be working for 24 hours for seeing if it is normal.


2. Machine will be packed in plywood box with foam inside and using wood bars to fix, one manual book and teaching CD will be put in box.


3. 3 years warranty for heaters (they are the only consumables on the machine), 1 year for whole machine(2 years for distributor) , life-long support for machine technical providing.


FAQ for optical camera BGA rework station

1. Q: Can I design(change) a little something on the machine? 

A: Usually, It’s OK if this machines is our workshop, but if you have received the machine, you can not try to change its structure without permitting.


2. Q:What are the steps of BGA repair? 

A: First, remove the components; Next, remove the residual solder.Once you have removed all the excess solder and the BGA has been reballed, finally, soldering.


3. Q:Will the top head of the machine fall down to fast then break the chip and PCB?

A:To protect the PCB and chip from being crushed, there is built-in pressure testing device in mounting head. Once the pressure testing device detect any pressure, the top head of the machine will stop automatically.


4.Q: Build-in vacuum in mounting head pick up BGA chip automatically after desoldering completed.

A:During heating process, the temperature is very high. After the heating process is finished, do I need to pick chip on PCB?

Know-how about optical camera BGA rework station

Hot Air vs. IR Rework Stations: Basic Differences

The main difference between hot air and IR rework stations is the method by which they heat a PCB component. As their respective names imply, hot air stations use heated air whereas IR stations use infrared rays. On a hot air station, a series of differently-sized nozzles guides air circulation and ensures even heat distribution. IR systems, on the other hand, can use a fixed ceramic heater, IR light type heaters or a focused beam. The lower cost machines use a ceramic type heater to radiate the heat. This is not true IR, but that is what the manufacturers advertise it as. Mid-range priced machines use IR light and may use louvers to control the heated area. Both the ceramic heaters and IR with louvers don’t always do a god job of focusing the heated area.  Parts surrounding the BGA may need to be shielded to protect them from heat damage. With the true focused beam IR, you can easily adjust the beam from a small area to a large area. The parts surrounding the BGA are not affected and the beam has a very accurate focus on the area that you choose to heat. One advantage of this type of IR is that you don’t need to purchase different heat nozzles as you do with hot air machines. The draw back is that IR lights and the IR Beam may not heat certain lighter or silver colored parts. You may have to apply a special black tape to get the parts to heat up. 

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