Laser Position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

Laser Position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

1. Matured SMD SMT solution provider. 2. Automatic heating and cooling system 3. No damage to motherboard, chip or other components. 4. Arranging shipment very fast.

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Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

1.Application Of Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

Can repair motherboard of computer, smart phone, laptop, MacBook logic board, digital camera ,air conditioner, TV and other electronic equipments from medical industry, communication industry, automobile industry, etc.

Solder, reball, desoldering different kind of chips: BGA,PGA,POP,BQFP,QFN,SOT223,PLCC,TQFP,TDFN,TSOP, PBGA,CPGA,LED chip.

2.Product Features of Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

* Repairing chips (BGA, QFN LED) of motherboard/PCBA with high successful rate.

* Suitable for different chips, PCBA and motherboards.

* 3 indepentdent heating areas ensure precise temperature. Diviation with ± 1ºC. You can set different temperature profiles on the screen based on different motherboards.

* 600 million pix Panasonic original CCD camera ensures precise alignment of every soldering joints.

* Easy to operation. Can learn to use in 30 minute. No special skill is needed.


3.Specification of Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

4.Details of Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

ic desoldering machine

chip desoldering machine

pcb desoldering machine

5.Why Choose Our Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine? 

motherboard desoldering machinemobile phone desoldering machine

6.Certificate of Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

To offer quality products, SHENZHEN DINGHUA TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD was the first to pass UL, E-MARK, CCC, FCC, CE ROHS certificates. Meanwhile, to improve and perfect the quality system, Dinghua has passed ISO, GMP, FCCA, C-TPAT on-site audit certification.

pace bga rework station

7.Packing & Shipment of Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

Packing Lisk-brochure

8.Shipment for Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

We will ship the machine via DHL/TNT/FEDEX. If you want other shipping term, please tell us. We will support you.

9. Terms of Payment

Bank transfer, Western Union, Credit Card.

Please tell us if you need other support. 

10. Operation guide for Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

11. Related knowledge

Motherboard Maintenance

In terms of motherboard maintenance, I first recommend that you buy a genuine system for installation, which can improve the performance of the motherboard and reduce the consumption of the motherboard. In addition, we must regularly handle the garbage of the computer disk and memory, which can effectively reduce the work of the motherboard. Load, we also pay attention to computer dust cleaning, reduce the temperature of the motherboard.

The failure of the motherboard also includes abnormal sounds, and the operation is malfunctioning. I will not list them here. When we choose the computer, we come in and choose the official genuine model, so the quality of the motherboard can be guaranteed. Many of the faults mentioned above are due to the poor quality of the motherboard. It is estimated that you have bought a reduced version and a refurbished machine. There will be a lot of quality problems, everyone should pay attention.

We'd better buy a special computer desk, because computer desks generally design the computer's venting holes, which can well protect the computer's heat dissipation, especially the cooling of the notebook computer, more important. Because laptops are small, heat is more important.

A computer that wants to use a long life, then we must pay attention to the usual protection of the computer. For the computer, whether it is the main board protection is not to be damp, because the computer motherboard is powered, once the tide is affected, the motherboard will be affected, and the fault will occur over time!

How to check if the motherboard has failed

In general, the failure of the motherboard is: no display on the screen, system startup failure, sometimes startup, and sometimes unable to start. This makes it difficult to visually judge the fault. Today Xiaobian teaches you how to check the faults that appear on the motherboard!

First, clean:

This method is used to solve the problem that the motherboard does not work properly due to too much dust on the motherboard and static electricity. Just use a brush to clean the dust on the motherboard!

Second, observation:

Mainly use "see" and "touch". With the power off, check that each component is plugged in correctly. Whether the pins of the capacitor and the resistor are in good contact, whether the surface of each component is scorched or cracked, and whether the copper foil on each circuit board has burnt marks. You can also touch the surface of some chips by hand to see if there is any hot condition.

Third, replace:

When you are not sure which component is causing the fault, you can also troubleshoot the suspected parts by replacing them. You can take the suspected parts to another computer and try them out. At the same time, you can also try to connect the good parts to the faulty computer.

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