Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

1. Hot air and infrared heating are available, effectively improve soldering and rework. 2. High resolution CCD camera. 3. Fast delivery. 4. Available in stock. Welcome to order.

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Product Details

Automatic Optical Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

bga soldering station

Automatic BGA Soldering Station with optical alignment

1.Application Of Automatic Optical Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

Work with all kinds of motherboards or PCBA.

Solder, reball, desoldering different kind of chips: BGA,PGA,POP,BQFP,QFN,SOT223,PLCC,TQFP,TDFN,TSOP, PBGA,CPGA,LED chip.

2.Product Features of Automatic Optical Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

Automatic BGA Soldering Station with optical alignment


3.Specification of Automatic Optical Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

4.Details of Automatic Optical Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

ic desoldering machine

chip desoldering machine

pcb desoldering machine

5.Why Choose Our Automatic Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset? 

motherboard desoldering machinemobile phone desoldering machine

6.Certificate of Automatic Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

UL, E-MARK, CCC, FCC, CE ROHS certificates. Meanwhile, to improve and perfect the quality system, Dinghua has passed ISO, GMP, FCCA, C-TPAT on-site audit certification.

pace bga rework station

7.Packing & Shipment of Automatic Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

Packing Lisk-brochure

8.Shipment for Automatic Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

DHL/TNT/FEDEX. If you want other shipping term, please tell us. We will support you.

9. Terms of Payment

Bank transfer, Western Union, Credit Card.

Please tell us if you need other support. 

10. Operation guide for Automatic Infrared VS Hot Air Rework Chipset

11. Related knowledge

About SMT rework

With the rapid development of electronic manufacturing technology, more and more customers are increasingly demanding PCB rework, and new solutions and technologies are needed to solve these new demands.

Most of the customers need to effectively carry out BTC (Bottom Terminated Component) and SMT PCB rework. Now, in the next few years, the following topics will be more and more widely discussed and discussed:

• BTC devices and their characteristics: handling of bubble problems

• Smaller devices: miniaturized (return capability of 01005)

• Large-size PCB processing: Dynamic warm-up for large board rework

• Reproducibility of the rework process: flux and solder paste application (dip technology), removal of residual tin (automatic tin removal), material supply, handling of multiple devices, and traceability of rework.

• Operational support: a higher degree of automation, software-guided operation (friendly human-machine interface)

• Cost-effectiveness:

Rework system that meets different budgets, ROI assessment

The above topics did not express their relevance in practice. There has been a lot of discussion about the 010005 rework ability in the industry, but so far, none of the technologies claiming this rework ability has been proven to provide real success for this tiny device in the daily actual rework. Rework process. In sophisticated flow lines, many parameters need to be observed and controlled, including:

• When soldering and extracting devices, it cannot affect other devices in the immediate vicinity

• Add new solder paste to small solder joints

• Device pick-up, calibration, placement

• PCB coating

• PCB cleaning and other

However, due to the presence of the 01005 device, the challenge of rework has inevitably emerged. On the one hand, the device size is getting smaller and smaller, the assembly density is getting higher and higher, and on the other hand, the size of the PCB is getting larger and larger. Thanks to the development of communication products and network data transmission technologies (cloud computing, Internet of Things), the computing power of computer centers has been growing rapidly. At the same time, the motherboard size of computing systems has also been growing. This has the challenge of uniformly and completely preheating a 24" x 48" (610 x 1220mm) multilayer PCB during the rework process.

In addition, in the growing field of electronics manufacturing, rework processes have been recognized as part of electronic assembly, and the recording and tracking of individual circuit boards has become an essential requirement. Among the topics mentioned above, the blueprint for rework ability by 2021 is mainly described, and three of them will be introduced next. Other issues are also very important in future rework, many of which are viable through practice certification, so they only need to be added or improved in existing rework equipment.

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