Automatic Optical Bga Rework Station

Automatic optical BGA rework station DH-A4D is an excellent BGA rework station featuring with moveable IR preheating area, full automatic optical CCD and chip feeder and laser point built in top hot head etc. Which can help you make the reworking procedure easier and more efficient. The product...

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Product Details

Automatic optical BGA rework station


DH-A4D is an excellent BGA rework station featuring with moveable IR preheating area, full automatic optical CCD and chip feeder and laser point built in top hot head etc. Which can help you make the reworking procedure easier and more efficient.


The product parameter of automatic optical BGA rework station

Total Power


Top heater


Bottom heater

2nd 1200W, 3rd German IR heater 4200W


110~220V±10% 50/60Hz

Operation mode

Double joysticks operation. Fully automatic positioning, soldering, cooling, integration..

Optical CCD camera lens

Automatic Frontward / backward, right / left, or manual by joysticks, imported from Panasonnic

Chip feeder

Full automatic, application for chip 1*1~80*80mm

Camera magnification

10x - 220x

Workbench fine-tuning:

±15mm forward/backward, ±15mm  right/left

BGA positioning

Laser position, fast and accurate position of pcb and bga

BGA chip angle adjusting

Max 60°

Top air flow speed

adjusted by adjusting knob, prevent tiny bga from being moved

PCB Positioning

Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groove pcb bracket + universal fixtures, spring installing on PCB workbench, protecting PCB from being deformed .

Temperature control

K sensor, close loop 

Placement accuracy:


Running methods

PLC control, Servo driver

Temp accuracy



Taiwan led working light, any angle adjustable

Temperature profile storage

50000 groups

PCB size

Max 410×450 mm Min 22×22 mm

BGA chip

2x2 - 80x80 mm

Minimum chip spacing


External temper sensor




Net weight



Product details of full auto optical BGA reballing machine


optical CCD and chip feeder.jpg


Full automatic optical CCD imported from Japan & chip feeder used for chip with 1*1~80*80 mm, when machine working, the vacuum pen built in top head can automatically picks chip up or place chip on.


gearing for optical CCD and chip convery.jpg 

The “tank chain” for these cables run with optical CCD&chip feeder, safe and durable .


joysticks for top heater of bga rework station.jpg 

Two joysticks, when manual, one is for optical CCD&chip feeder to be moved leftward/rightward or backward/frontward, one is for top head to run up or down, and images on monitor screen zoomed in or out.

distance that can be moved.jpg 

Infrared preheating area, for different shape or chip located at different position, and the IR area consists of carbon fiber heating tubes(dark light easily absorbed by PCB and durable ) and anti high temperature glass-shield covering(preventing any small components or dust from dropping inside).


Machine dimension of full automatic BGA rework machine.jpg 

BGA rework station DH-A4D, L*W*H=670*530*790mm, net weight: 95kg, packed in plywood box with foam inside for machine protected. The proper dimension and weight are convenient for most workbench, no matter in repairing shop or workshop.


The shipping, packing and sales-after of the automatic optical BGA rework station

Vibration testing for smt rework machine.jpg 

Machines like this one DH-A4D will be vibrated for at least 24 hours before delivery, no matter the past or now,  we are the only one who does vibration for BGA rework station, after that, let it run constantly at least 24 hours. To make sure machines will be working efficiently.


    plywood box for automatic bga machine.jpg


Packed in plywood box(fumigated),no matter where it will be shipped, there is no limitation for

Importation. Thick wood boards and inner foam can make a machine protected well, and indicated patterns showing the warn of no upside down, upward and fragileness etc. For machine getting better protection on the delivery way.  


The valuable customers who are using our machine

customers for macbook and computer rework.jpg 

These customers as above have used our BGA rework station, not only in China, but also overseas, if you are closed to them, you may try to contract them and go to see, more details, please just contact us.


The FAQ of Automatic BGA rework station

1. Q: How to make the components around the chip that would be soldering or desoldering?

A: The customized nozzles are necessary, if no a proper nozzles, also, the heat resist material, such as, karpton tape. 

2. Q:If this is the first time that I try to rework a board, how should I do?

A: We suggest you try reworking a scrap board at first.

3. Q:Can I use it to repair Iphone, Macbook and other PCBAs?

A: Sure, as long as the PCB is less than 410*450mm, then they can be reworked by this machine.

4. Q: Can I add a camera on the side for watching the solder ball melting?

A: Yes, if needed, one camera can be installed for that, the image will be shown on that monitor screen.



Know-how about Automatci optical BGA rework station:

1.Humanized design:

Embedded with Industrial PC + Stepper motor drive + Intelligent temperature module, Stable and reliable.

Windows IOS interface in english and chinese + USB interface, easy operate.

Adopt two heating zones, both upper heater and lower heater are hot air,

Sound hint system. 5s-10s before the finish of heating


2.Accurate temperature control:

Two independent temperature heatings + PID self setting adjusted + PLC, temperature accuracy will be on about 2 degrees. 

It can set 8 segments heating, and massive storage of groups temperature profile.

Setting BGA heating curve conveniently and index search.


3.Convenient visual alignment:

Optical alignment + CCD color lens system + Laser positioning

2 color seperation, magnification, micro adjustment

Auto focus, auto correction, auto color differentiation.

Light level adjustment system.

Japan camera can move front and back.

Built-in vacuum pump, pick up the BGA chip automatically.

Joystick control, zoom in and zoom out, down and up.


4.Precision components:

Precise fine-tuning of BGA chip

X, Y, Z micrometers fine-tuning, Placement accuracy will be about 0.01mm

V-groove clamp + universal fixture suitable for all kinds of PCB.

Heating system and mount head 2 in 1 design, precise positioning.


5.Perfect security design:

With fan failure protection, thermocouple failure protection function.

Overheating protection, emergency stop function.


Suitable for all kinds of BGA(CCGA, BGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, Micro SMD, MLF, POP package)

Lead and Lead-free. 

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