Mobile IC Reballing Machine

Application of DH-A2 Automatic BGA Rework Station 1.Smart phone /iPhone/iPad repair; 2.Notebook/ Laptop /Computer/Macbook /PC repair; 3. XBOX 360/PS2/ PS3/PS4 Wii and so on video game consoles repair; 4.Othe LED/SMD/SMT/IC BGA rework; 5. BGA VGA CPU GPU soldering desoldering; 6.BGA chips,QFP QFN chip,PC,PLCC PSP PSY rework.

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 Mobile IC Reballing Machine for Iphone, Huawei,Samsung,LG etc.

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1. Product Features of Mobile IC Reballing Machine

Touch Screen Labtop BGA Rework Machine

• Desoldering, mounting and soldering automatically.

•CCD Camera ensure precise alignment of every soldering joint,

•Three independent heating zones ensure precise temperature control.

•Hot air multi-hole round center support is especially useful for big-size PCB and BGA located in the center of PCB. Avoid cold soldering and IC-drop situation.

•Temperature profile of bottom hot air heater can reach as high as 300°C, critical for big size motherboard. Meanwhile, upper heater could be set as synchronized or independent work.


2.Specification of Mobile IC Reballing Machine

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3.Details of Mobile IC Reballing Machine

4.Why Choose Our Mobile IC Reballing Machine?

5.Certificate of Mobile IC Reballing Machine

To offer quality products, SHENZHEN DINGHUA TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD was the first to pass UL, E-MARK, CCC, FCC, CE ROHS certificates. Meanwhile, to improve and perfect the quality system, Dinghua has passed ISO, GMP, FCCA, C-TPAT on-site audit certification.

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6.Packing & Shipment of Mobile IC Reballing Machine

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7.Concact for Mobile IC Reballing Machine


8.Related knowledge

BGA maintenance operation skills

(1). BGA preparation before desoldering.

Set the parameter status of SUNKKO 852B to: temperature 280 °C ~ 310 °C; desoldering time: 15 seconds; air flow parameters: × × × (1~9 files can be preset by user code);

Finally, the desolder is set to the automatic mode state, and the SUNKKO 202 BGA anti-static tin-plating repair station is used to mount the mobile phone PCB board with the universal tip and fix it on the maintenance platform.

(2). Desoldering

In the BGA board repair technology, remember the direction and positioning of the chip before unsoldering. If there is no printed positioning frame on the PCB, mark it around with a marker, inject a small amount of flux at the bottom of the BGA, and select a suitable BGA. The size of the BGA special welding nozzle is mounted on the 852B.

Align the handle vertically with the BGA, but note that the nozzle must be about 4mm away from the component. Press the start button on the 852B handle. The desolder will automatically untwist with the preset parameters.

After the desoldering, the BGA component is removed with a suction pen after 2 seconds, so that the original solder ball can be evenly distributed on the pads of the PCB and the BGA, which is advantageous for the subsequent BGA soldering. If there is a surplus of tin on the PCB pad, use an anti-static soldering station to handle it evenly. If it is severely connected, you can apply the flux again on the PCB, and then start the 852B to warm the PCB again, and finally make the tin package neat and smooth. The tin on the BGA is completely removed by a solder strip through an antistatic soldering station. Pay attention to anti-static and do not over-temperature, otherwise it will damage the pad or even the motherboard.

(3). Cleaning of BGA and PCB.

Clean the PCB pad with high-purity wash water, use an ultrasonic cleaner (with anti-static device) to fill the wash water, and clean the removed BGA.

(4). BGA chip planting tin.

BGA chip tinning must use laser-punched steel sheet with single-sided horn type mesh. The thickness of the steel sheet is required to be 2mm thick, and the hole wall is required to be smooth and tidy. The lower part of the horn hole (contacting a face of BGA) should be compared. The top (scraping into the small hole) is 10μm~15μm. (The above two points can be observed by a ten-fold magnifying glass), so that the printing paste can easily fall onto the BGA.

(5). Welding of BGA chips.

Apply a small amount of thick flux to the BGA solder balls and PCB pads (high purity is required, add active rosin to the analytical pure alcohol to dissolve), and retrieve the original mark to place the BGA. At the same time of welding, the BGA can be bonded and positioned to prevent it from being blown away by hot air, but care should be taken not to put too much flux, otherwise the chip will be displaced due to excessive bubbles generated by the rosin. The PCB board is also placed in an anti-static maintenance station and fixed with a universal tip and placed horizontally. The parameters of the intelligent desolder are preset to a temperature of 260 ° C ~ 280 ° C, welding time: 20 seconds, the air flow parameters are unchanged. The automatic soldering button is triggered when the BGA nozzle is aligned with the chip and leaves 4mm. As the BGA solder ball melts and the PCB pad forms a better tin alloy soldering, and the surface tension of the solder ball causes the chip to be automatically centered even if it is originally deviated from the main board, so that it is done. Note that the BGA cannot be applied during the welding process. Even if the wind pressure is too high, a short circuit will occur between the solder balls under the BGA.

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