Automatic IC Removal Machine

Automatic IC Removal Machine

Hot Air BGA Rework Station Automatic IC Removal Machine is easy to operate with high successful rate of repairing. It has 3 independent heating system and optical alignment system. It’s packed in strong and stable wooden case, which is suitable for long international transit.

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Product Details

Automatic IC Removal Machine


1.Application of Automatic IC Removal Machine

Motherboard of computer, smart phone, laptop, MacBook logic board,digital camera ,air conditioner, TV and other electronic equipments from medical industry, communication industry, automobile industry, etc.

Suitable for different kind of chips: BGA,PGA,POP,BQFP,QFN,SOT223,PLCC,TQFP,TDFN,TSOP, PBGA,CPGA,LED chip.


2.Product Features of Automatic IC Removal Machine



• Highly efficient, long-life 400 W hybrid heating head

• Optional with 800 W IR-bottom heating

• Very short soldering times feasibel

• Activation with safety foot switch

• Operation LEDs on the system

• Intuitive operation without software 


3.Specification of Automatic IC Removal Machine



4.Details of Automatic IC Removal Machine

1.CCD camera( precise optical alignment system) ; 2.HD digital display ; 3. Micrometer (adjust angle of chip) ; 4.3 independent heaters ( hot air & infrared ) 5. Laser positioning 6. HD touch screen interface PLC control ; 7.Led headlamp ; 8.Joystick control .





5.Why Choose Our Automatic IC Removal Machine? 




6.Certificate of Automatic IC Removal Machine



7.Packing & Shipment of Automatic IC Removal Machine




8.Related knowledge 

QFP chip repair method

(1) First check whether there are any components around the device that affect the operation of the square tip. These components should be disassembled first, and then re-fixed and then re-fixed.

(2) Apply a fine brush and flux to all the solder joints around the device.

(3) Select a square soldering iron tip (35W for small-sized devices and 50W for large-sized devices) to add appropriate amount of solder to the end face of the square soldering iron tip, and fasten it at the solder joint where the device pins need to be removed. The square tip should be flat and must solder all the solder joints on all four ends of the device.

(4) After the solder joint is completely melted (several seconds), the device is clamped with the tweezers and immediately leaves the pad and the soldering iron tip.

(5) Clean and level the solder remaining on the pads and device leads with a soldering iron.

(6) Hold the device with tweezers, align the polarity and direction, align the pins to the pads, and place them on the corresponding pads. After alignment, hold down with the tweezers and do not move.

(7) Use a flat spade tip to solder the device diagonally 1-2 pins to fix the position of the device. After confirming the accuracy, apply a fine brush to the solder on all the pins and pads around the device. At the intersection of the pin toe and the pad, slowly and evenly drag down from the first pin, and add a little ∮0.5-0.8mm solder wire. In this way, all the four side pins of the device are soldered.

(8) When soldering the PLCC device, the soldering iron tip and the device should be at an angle of less than 45°, and soldered at the intersection of the J-lead bent surface and the pad.

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