Automatic BGA Machine Price

Automatic BGA Machine Price

1. Full SMT solution can be offered. 2. Dinghua DH-A2 BGA rework machine. 3. Efficiently repairing all kinds of motherboards. 4. Optical alignment system is equipped with auto feeding system.

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Product Details

Automatic BGA machine price

bga soldering station

Automatic BGA Soldering Station with optical alignment

1.Application Of Automatic BGA machine price

Work with all kinds of motherboards or PCBA.

Solder, reball, desoldering different kind of chips: BGA,PGA,POP,BQFP,QFN,SOT223,PLCC,TQFP,TDFN,TSOP, PBGA,CPGA,LED chip.

2.Product Features of Automatic BGA machine price

Automatic BGA Soldering Station with optical alignment


3.Specification of Automatic BGA machine price

Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

4.Details of Automatic BGA machine price

ic desoldering machine

chip desoldering machine

pcb desoldering machine

5.Why Choose Our Automatic BGA machine price? 

motherboard desoldering machinemobile phone desoldering machine

6.Certificate of Automatic BGA machine price

UL, E-MARK, CCC, FCC, CE ROHS certificates. Meanwhile, to improve and perfect the quality system, Dinghua has passed ISO, GMP, FCCA, C-TPAT on-site audit certification.

pace bga rework station

7.Packing & Shipment of Automatic BGA machine price

Packing Lisk-brochure

8.Shipment for Automatic BGA machine price

DHL/TNT/FEDEX. If you want other shipping term, please tell us. We will support you.

9. Terms of Payment

Bank transfer, Western Union, Credit Card.

Please tell us if you need other support. 

10. Operation guide for Automatic BGA machine 

11. Related knowledge

First, the tools needed to solder the patch components

1, the scorpion engaged in electronic production has a scorpion, but here is a relatively sharp one, and must be stainless steel, because other may be magnetic, and the patch components are lighter, if the scorpion has Magnetics will be sucked up and down, which is annoying.

   2, the soldering iron everyone has a soldering iron, here is also a relatively sharp one (the tip radius is less than 1mm), the tip of the iron of course to live longer. It is best to prepare two soldering irons. The parts are used. Although I often use only one hand, I can deal with the past, but unskilled friends strongly recommend two.

3, hot air gun This is used to remove the multi-foot patch components, can also be used for welding. Buying a special one is more expensive, it may cost more than one or two hundred yuan. There is a kind of hot air gun for blowing plastic in China (the left side of the figure below), only for five or sixty yuan, many shops selling electronic components are sold, very useful . I have measured the temperature at which it blows hot air, up to 400 – 500 degrees, enough to melt the solder.

    4, fine solder wire to 0.3mm - 0.5mm, thick (0.8mm or more) can not be used, because it is not easy to control the amount of tin. The woven tape for the tin is short-circuited when the adjacent legs of the IC are short-circuited by the tin. The traditional tin absorbing device is not useful, as long as it is sucked with a woven tape.

5, the magnifying glass should have a seat and a ring with a tube, the hand-held can not be replaced, because sometimes need to operate under the magnifying glass with both hands. The magnification of the magnifying glass should be more than 5 times, preferably 10 times, but 10 times is not easy to find, and the field of view will be relatively small, and the field of view will be more expensive.

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