Touch Screen Medical Equipment BGA Rework Machine

Dinghua DH-B1 BGA rework station is to repair motherboard IC/Chip/Chipset of Laptop, Mobile, PC, iPhone, Xbox, etc. This machine has high success rate of repairing, suitable for various types of PCB.

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Touch Screen Medical Equipment BGA Rework Machine


1.Application of Touch Screen Medical Equipment BGA Rework Machine

Motherboard of computer, smart phone, laptop, MacBook logic board,digital camera ,air conditioner, TV and other electronic equipments from medical industry, communication industry, automobile industry, etc.

Suitable for different kind of chips: BGA,PGA,POP,BQFP,QFN,SOT223,PLCC,TQFP,TDFN,TSOP, PBGA,CPGA,LED chip.

2.Product Features of Touch Screen Medical Equipment BGA Rework Machine

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• High success rate of repairing chips. Precise temperature control ensure temperature change according to the materials of the solder balls.


• Simple operation

Humanized design makes the machine easy to operate. Normally a worker can learn to use it in 10 minutes. No special professional experiences or skills is needed, which is time- and energy-saving for your company..


• Precise temperature control.Target chip can be soldered or desoldered while no other components on PCB are damaged.

•Humanized design makes the machine easy to operate. Normally a worker can learn to use it in 10 minutes. No special professional experiences or skills is needed, which is time- and energy-saving for your company.

•Superior materials guarantee long life span.Cross-flow,upper and bottom cooling fan cool the machine automatically as soon as heating proccess is finished,which effectively avoids deterioration and aging of machine.3-year warranty for heating system is offered.

•Lifetime unlimited technical support and free training are offered.

3.Specification of Touch Screen Medical Equipment BGA Rework Machine

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4.Details of Touch Screen Medical Equipment BGA Rework Machine

1. HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared ) ;

3. Vacuum pen;

4.Led headlamp.

5.Why Choose Our Touch Screen Medical Equipment BGA Rework Machine? 

6.Certificate of Touch Screen Medical Equipment BGA Rework Machine

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7.Packing & Shipment of Touch Screen Medical Equipment BGA Rework Machine

8.Contact us

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9.Related knowledge

The role of PCB solder mask and flux

Solder resistance is an important part of today's printed circuit board technology. The use of PCB solder resist has become so common that it is most unusual to see that printed circuit boards without any solder resist the coverage, except for some home building circuits today, and even many prototype boards have solder masks, so their use in commercial production Printed circuit boards can be said to be universal.


Printed circuit board soldering purposes 

As its name suggests, solder mask is covered on the circuit board to protect the printed circuit board area from the printed circuit board from which the solder was taken. In this way it is only necessary to actually have a region covered by solder, ie where the component is the area to be soldered, free of solder resist, and capable of soldering, which offers many advantages. The main thing is that only the need for whereit has solder, and the small short circuit of the solder bridge that is reached by preventing corrosion from some areas of the solder can be significantly reduced. This is more and more important because the fine pitch of many printed circuit boards today means that the small solder tracks in the welding process are likely to cause bridges and short circuits. The area where the components of the place where the solder mask confines the problem will be soldered, and these areas can be designed accordingly.


In addition to its function in preventing solder from causing a small bridge, the solder of the printed circuit board also resists the substrate acting as a protective layer. Solder masks provide electrical insulation and protection against oxidation and corrosion. This period of time can increase the overall reliability of the printed circuit board, especially if it is exposed to harmful agents.


What is PCB flux? 

Solder masks for printed circuit boards are permanent resin-based coatings that are applied to printed circuit boards during the manufacture of bare boards. Solder resist is a permanent coating of a resin formulation, usually in green color, which encapsulates and protects the surface features of all printed circuit boards unless it is required to form specific areas of solder joints.


Although green is the most widely used color for solder resist, almost any color can be used. Although it can be difficult to maintain precise colors, it is possible to make them almost any color. However from the green, other popular colors are red and blue.


Apply PCB solder mask 

In order to make the printed circuit board's solder mask able to meet the very precise requirements of today's surface mount technology, SMT printed circuit boards, liquid photosensitive (LPI) solder resists are used. Previously printed circuit board soldering used stencil printing for screen printing resist applications.


The LPI process is very different for solder masks that were used previously. LPI separates coating and imaging operations to achieve the highest levels of precision. The material used in PCB solder masking by bare PCB manufacturers is in the form of a liquid photopolymer, and it uses epoxy or epoxy-acrylate resin technology and the entire board is coated with the material. The thickness of the material is usually about 30 microns to 20 microns above the bare board. Once the flux-coated resist material is dried, it is exposed to the desired image pattern and then spread out to obtain the desired solder resist pattern. Then develop solder mask post curing to ensure it provides a tough durable finish.

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