Infrared Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

Component pick-up, alignment, placement, and reflow are completed in a single axis, eliminating the risk of component movement after placement.

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Infrared Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine


1. Product Features of Infrared Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

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1.With three independent temperature zone control, more accurate;

2.The first , second temperature heater using good material, can accurately regulate hot air flow and temperature , high temperature generated breeze, the third by far infrared temperature heating plate to preheat.

3.The first temperature zone with 8 segment temperature up (down)+8 segment constant temperature control, can store 10 groups temperature curve;

4.First zone and second start running temperature curve at the same time, third zone start running temperature up and down at the same time with first and second zone;

5. After remove and solder, using high-volume fan to cool the PCB board, prevent deformation of PCB board and ensure the effect of soldering;

3.Specification of Infrared Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

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4.Details of Infrared Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

1. HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared ) ;

3. Vacuum pen;

4.Led headlamp.

5.Why Choose Our Infrared Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine? 

6.Certificate of Infrared Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

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7.Packing & Shipment of Infrared Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

8.Related knowledge

Standard methods of BGA reballing? 

The first is "tin paste" + "tin ball,"

The second is "help paste" + "tin ball."

What is "tin paste" + "tin ball"? In fact, this is the best and most standard ball-planting method that is recognized. The balls that are planted in this way have good weldability and good gloss. The soldering process does not show the appearance of a running ball, and it is easier to control and hold. The specific method is First use solder paste to print on the BGA pad, and then add a certain size of solder ball on it. At this time, the function of the solder paste is to stick the solder ball and make the contact surface of the solder ball larger when the solder is heated. The solder ball will be heated faster and more

comprehensively. This will allow the solder ball to be soldered to the BGA pad better after solder melting, reducing the possibility of soldering.

What is "solder paste" + "tin ball"? It is easy to understand the meaning of this sentence through the above explanation. Simply put, this method uses solder paste instead of solder paste. However, the characteristics of the solder paste are very different from those of the solder paste. The solder paste becomes liquid when the temperature rises, and it easily causes the solder ball to run around; furthermore, the solder paste of the solder paste is poor, so it is said that The first method of ball-planting is ideal.

Of course, these two methods are all required to be dedicated tools such as tee stand. The specific steps of the "Stinky Paste" + "Spheroidal Ball" method are as follows:

1. First, prepare the ball-planting tool. The ball-planting seat must be cleaned and dried with alcohol to prevent the solder ball from rolling smoothly.

2. Position the pre-finished chip on the ball holder.

3. Paste the solder paste. Naturally thawed and evenly stirred, and evenly onto the blade;

4. Put solder paste on the positioning base to print the solder

paste, and try to control the angle, strength and pulling speed of the hand scraping paste. Remove the solder paste box.

5. After confirming that solder paste is evenly printed on each pad on the BGA, place the solder ball on the ball, then place the solder ball, shake the ball holder, and let the solder ball roll into the mesh. Make sure that each mesh has a solder ball and then collect the solder balls and remove the board.

6. Take the freshly prepared BGA out of the base and wait for it to be baked. (It's better to use reflow soldering. Use a small amount of hot air. The gun is OK,). This completes the ball. The procedure for the "Soldering Paste" + "Spheroidal Ball" method is as follows: "3" and "4" steps are to be combined into one step: using a brush to apply solder paste instead of stencil printing but directly evenly brushing to the BGA's On the pad, the other steps are basically the same as the first method.

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