HD Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

The DH-B1 BGA rework station is tool free, gas free, instantly/precisely controllable, clean, modular, upgradeable and produces 100% yield SMD rework without any complications. It provides the extremely high levels of profiling and process .

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Product Details

HD Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine 


1. Product Features of HD Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

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1. Human-machine interface has multiple operation mode and permission, welding, desoldering and mounting manually. Easy operation.

2. High resolution touch screen, which is up to 800*600 pixel.

3. Adopt Delta double ball bearing flow fan for air supply. No need of external air source.

4. Adopt DCCE 6 channel module for temperature control system. Automatic PID adjustment.

5. Monitoring heaters real time, when accident happens, relevant sensors will send signal to PLC,which will close output channel and display fault condition. Protecst itself automatically.

3.Specification of HD Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine


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4.Details of HD Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

1. HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared ) ;

3. Vacuum pen;

4.Led headlamp.

5.Why Choose Our HD Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine? 

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6.Certificate of HD Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

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7.Packing & Shipment of HD Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

8.Related knowledge

What is SMD?

What is SMD? It is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices, which means: surface mount device, which is one of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components. “In the initial stage of electronic circuit board production, via assembly was completely done by hand. After the first automated machines were launched, they could place some simple lead components, but the complex components still needed manual placement for wave soldering. Surface mounted components were introduced about 20 years ago and have created a new era in which everything from passive components to active components and integrated circuits has finally become surface mount devices (SMD) and can be picked up by pick and place equipment.  

Assembling: For a long time, people think that all the pin components can be finally used in the SMD package.SMD technology is widely used in LED display.

Three-in-one is a kind of SMD LED display technology, which means that SMT lamps encapsulated with three different colors of LED chips of different colors are packaged in the same glue at a certain interval.

The full-color LED display using the three-in-one SMD technology has a larger viewing angle, and the surface can be treated with diffuse reflection. The result is no graininess and good uniformity. From the color point of view, three-in-one full-color spectrophotometric separation is easier than three, and the color saturation is high. And the three-in-one is using the entire surface to emit light so the overall color of the three-in-one is more uniform. And the three-in-one overall flatness is easier to control. Has been the standard technology used in high-definition LED display. However, due to the complicated manufacturing process and difficult maintenance, the cost is very high and it is generally used in high-end LED display products.

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